Looking at the complex systems in the human body… focus on supplementary health products

supplementary health productsThe human body is one complex conglomeration of systems that work together for a common good. Some of the main systems that make up the human body include the muscle and skeleton system, the integumentary system – which includes, skin, hair and exocrine glands, the digestive system, the respiratory system, the lymphatic system, the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, and the reproductive system. All these systems have specific functions which are crucial for the wellbeing of the human being.

When all these systems are functioning properly and have no abnormality, we say that the person is fine or okay, however when any of these systems has a problem, many times the individual will suffer from adverse effects that well make them unwell.

When this happens, the individual is said to be sick. Sicknesses can be treated through medication or the body can fight off the disease using the inbuilt immune system.  There are however conditions where the individual’s systems have abnormal conditions that are unrelenting and are not easily treated. These are many times referred to as chronic diseases.

Health complications are many times caused by lack of the proper nutrients needed by the individual systems to function. For example, for one to have good hair, the body needs a good supply of biotin and other specific vitamins. Without these nutrients, an individual will not have healthy hair. The hair might start having problems such as the hair breaking off easily, not growing at the right rate, and having a dull look.

When trying to treat a sickness or condition, one needs to know the specific nutrients needed for the specific conditions that the patient is suffering from. For example, a person who is suffering from low immunity will need to be given foods such as fruits and vegetables which are rich in numerous types of vitamins. Vitamins are important in building up the lymphatic system which contributes greatly to the immunity of the body.

There are prescription supplementary vitamins that one can be able to get if they discover a lack of particular nutrients in the body. This is especially in the case for vitamins or nutrients which are rare or whose source is difficult to find. For example, one might opt to buy the vitamins necessary for memory loss and loss of mental focus instead of going around searching for herbs and roots that have these vitamins.

Buying prescription supplementary products is advantageous because it saves the individual the time that would be spent searching for the nutrient sources. Many times these sources are not locally available. Again, the raw sources might not have the nutrients in the right amounts that are required by the individual.

Prescribed supplementary nutrients are usually packaged in an easy to store, and easy to take form. Many are in the form of capsules, powder, liquid, or pills. Getting the raw product might require one to go through cumbersome processes such as grinding, slicing, cooking, or squeezing. Storage might also be a big challenge with many of these products easily going bad with poor storage.

Switching from a solitary workaholic to getting married and starting a family

Our little family's perfect!

I am a very busy person and my job for a long time took up all of my time and threatened to completely ruin my social life. I was missing out on all the normal things that the everyday woman enjoys in her life. Being fully engrossed in my work, I could not have time to go out and enjoy evenings with my girlfriends, I could not have time to visit my family, and I did not have enough “me” time.

I decided to make a turnaround in my life and allow myself to also enjoy other aspects of life. I made up my mind to observe strict working hours that allowed me some time in the evenings and over the weekends to go out and engage in other social activities.

At first, this was quite difficult since as you can imagine I had become rusty in social life skills. I did not have any friends too. Most of my friends had drifted off and found other friends. Many people who I had been associating with were workmates and colleagues whom I met through work.

My situation was saved when I met my would-be husband.

One evening after work, as per my new resolution, I was determinedly sitting out an hour in a fancy restaurant in town. I was having a cool fruit juice as I watched a fashion show on the widescreen television set in the salon. Beside me was a good looking gentleman who was having a margarita. He also seemed to be watching the show.

I assumed that he was waiting for a date and so I paid him no mind. Just as I was about to wake up and leave, he casually asked me something about the show, I cannot remembered what the question was but somehow this started a conversation that lasted several hours. By the end of that night we knew we were meant for each other.

A few months later we got married. A few months after that I was pregnant.

By the time I was getting pregnant, things were moving very fast for me. My husband had literally turned my life upside down and I was living a fairy dream. Things were all so beautiful. The discovery of my pregnancy made it even more so.

Before my husband came to my life I had almost lost all hope of ever having a family.

As such, I was quite determined to make my pregnancy as successful as possible. I loved my unborn child so much that I wanted to give it the very best of life from the time I discovered the conception.

I was keen to take all the prescribed pre-natal vitamins that my doctor prescribed. I was also very keen on observing a healthy diet – a diet that would provide the very best nourishment for my growing unborn child and also nourishment that would make me strong to support it.

To make myself physically strong, I had to do some physical exercises. During the early months of my pregnancy I used the home rowing machine which my husband used to work out, later I switched to taking walks around the neighborhood.

Reminiscing my younger days growing up enjoying water recreational activities

water recreational activities 1I grew up close to a huge river. The river was a major part of the community. The river provided the people with lots of fish all year round and it was a main conduit for ships and boats which brought commodities from upriver and down river. The river was the easiest and cheapest way of getting to the city which was a few miles via the river but many miles if one went by road. This is because one had to go round a steep rocky hill that stood between us and the city.

The river was not only a hub for economic activities. It was also a center for recreational activities. As little kids, we often went swimming in places where the river spread out and the waters close to the banks were slow enough to swim in. We had a favorite spot where the river curved outwards and created a deep pool. Here the river bank had a steep rock from which we would jump from and dive deep into the waters of the river.

When we were older, our fascination turned from swimming and diving to sailing on the river. We would sail in canoes and take trips to the nearby towns where we would go flirting with girls in the neighboring areas.

Rowing competitions were a major feature on the rivers and this was a great favorite for me. There was an annual rowing competition that was arranged in the region and it was a greatly anticipated time. This was a time that brought together many communities that lived along the river. It was also a time when young men could become stars in the community.

I was in a team alongside three other boys whom we had grown up together. One of the boys had a father who had given him a canoe which we used to train and for our girl foraging escapades. We did a lot of training and come the annual festivals we always performed quite well. We participated in a total of five competitions from when I was about sixteen. The best position we were able to attain in the competitions was coming in seventh.

As an adult, having moved away from my ancestral home and settling in a new country, I greatly miss my sailing adventures. To make up, I usually go for kayaking trips in a nearby kayaking resort. I also have a home rowing machine in my house. The rowing machine gives a perfect simulation of the real rowing experience.

The rowing machine in my home works by using water resistance and I love the sound it makes since it provides a realistic feel that rolls back the years and helps me remember my younger days rowing with my mates.

The indoor rowing machine is not only fun but I have found it to be an excellent appliance for working out. Using the indoor rowing machine every now and then has helped me maintain great physical shape. Unlike other men my age, I do not have any weight management problems.

The steady development of music from ancient times to the modern day

The steady development of music from ancient times to the modern day

Music is a very important aspect of everyday life. Music provides a great channel for people to relax and escape the harsh realities of life. Music is a great mode for communication too. Music is a universally accepted entity that brings together people of different races, religions, languages, and beliefs. Music knows no boundaries.

Music has not always been the same way we perceive it. Music has grown continuously changing its form and taking up new shape and nature. In the ancient times, music was simple. Music was mostly in nature, the tap-tap of rain on a hard surface, the singing of birds, the sounds of different animals, the sound of howling wind, the sound of hooves drumming on the ground, the sound of walking feet and any other sounds that could be heard in the natural.

Man formed the first pieces of music by mimicking this sounds of nature. This was by the use of his voice or by using instruments. This was the beginning of the creation of music and the beginning of musical instruments. Man may have started by drumming against hard surfaces to copy the staccato sounds of rain or the sound of hooves. Mimicking the sounds of wild animals and the sounds of birds could have been the beginning of singing as we know it.

As time went on, man, thanks to his superior abilities for invention, continued to develop music. There was a rapid development in the singing capabilities once man understood his voice’s capacity and realized that he could use his voice to make melodious sounds. Later man realized that he could mix the melodious sounds with some words from the language that he was still developing. This was the beginning of song.

As music in the form of song was developing, man was also finding more ingenious ways of making musical instruments. Man went a step more from percussion instruments when he discovered the wonders of wind when blown through hollows. This was the beginning of wind instruments. Stringed musical instruments were also developed using taut vines and thin taut strips of hide.

Music was also incorporated in communication. This can be seen in the example where musical instruments such as the trumpets were used to communicate in war.

Songs were also made with special messages to be used in special instances. Songs were used to teach and to tell stories that passed information from one generation to another.

With time, as music continued to develop and musical instruments also got better, music increasingly became a form of entertainment. This drove the development of music to being focused more on quality. Man’s desire became to produce the best musical sounds that were pleasing to the ear.

This brought about the introduction of choirs, operas, and singing groups. It also led to the introduction of music schools which trained individuals on singing and playing musical instruments. Craftsmen also became more devoted towards producing quality musical instruments.

With the advancement of technology today, man has been able to take music to another whole new level. The discovery of sound amplification was especially quite monumental in the development of musical appliances and the manipulation of musical sounds.

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How I got tasked to shop for music appliances, something I know nothing about

How I got tasked to shop for music appliances, something I know nothing about

Shopping for stuff can be a lot of fun. This is especially if you are shopping for things that you like. Visiting the different shops and sampling the different commodities on offer can be a lot of fun. Finding new items that you have not seen and finding the differences between related items is also quite entertaining.

Shopping can however become a dreary exercise if you are tasked with shopping for stuff that you are not well acquainted with. It would be especially tough if you are told to shop for items that you know nothing about. This happened to me when I was tasked with shopping for musical instruments.

I am part of a Christian youth group in my hometown. We are involved in many communal activities that are aimed at promoting the wellness of the youth in the community while at the same time helping the community. Many times, we engage in voluntary services such as cleaning, helping in conservation campaigns, helping the less fortunate such as the homeless, trainings, and many other activities.

Our group decided that we needed to buy some better music equipment for the group’s musical department. We had a vibrant music group and they often performed in churches and in special events. Our equipment was however not of the best quality and some of the items were faulty. The request for better equipment had been going on for some time and finally there were enough funds to buy the new equipment.

Unfortunately, when the decision was being passed to get the new musical appliances I was not present. I was travelling on some work assignment and I was not available on that weekend. When I received the call about the meeting, and was updated about the decision to buy the instruments I was quite excited but the timing was quite against me.

Being the club’s treasurer, I was a prominent absentee. I felt very bad about not being able to attend the meeting. I told the members to continue with the meeting and assign me the necessary duties which I would handle when I got back in a day or two. Little did I know what I was getting myself into!

When I got back, I found that I had been assigned the duty of shopping for the equipment. I had thought that my duty would have been to simply check the affordability of the instruments and maybe some book keeping tasks! I had not figured that I would be selected to do the actual shopping!

Obviously the other members assumed that I was conversant with musical appliances, well I was not. Looking at the long list of items that I was supposed to shop for, the only familiar name on the list was Yamaha. At least I had an idea that this was a keyboard although I did not understand the other funny words that were written against the word Yamaha.

I could not possibly decline the task that I was allocated. I had to find someone who understood more about music equipment to help me out.

How I got tasked to shop for music appliances, something I know nothing about Credit Picture License: Multiple Guitars via photopin cc

Creating extra income to manage the ever increasing cost of life

Creating extra incomeLife is not getting any easier due to the economy and high cost of living. The economy is ever in the gutter and cost of living is ever increasing. Despite working harder and harder and studying more and more to make ourselves marketable for better paying jobs, it always seems that we are living in a rat race where the vicious cycle of high costs and low pay are the order of the day.

My wife and I are both working at decent jobs but we cannot seem to make enough money to meet our goals. We are not exactly poor, thank God, but we could do better.

We have been planning to do many things but often our plans remain right where they are; on paper. We cannot seem to be able to manifest our dreams and ambitions and make them a reality thanks to that great enemy, insufficient funds.

When we got married, we had great hopes for our future and we had a pretty well planned timeline that would see us gradually rise to the heights we envisioned. Sadly there were some crucial factors that we had not considered. One was the state of the economy and taxation, and the other was kids… or rather the timing for the kids.

We had obviously planned for kids but we had somehow assumed that by the time kids came we would have moved to the bigger apartment that was first on our wish list. Our firstborn however had other ideas and he came just a year after our wedding and we had not managed to raise enough money to move to the new house. Being new parents, we had also hugely underestimated the costs that we would incur as a result of the children. Soon we were delving into our savings. Bye-bye house.

Our new born, our son, was a great addition to the family. We were so happy with his arrival that we forgot about moving to the new house. We focused on raising the boy. We started making plans for his future and started planning how to save for his education and upkeep. Then the second born came.

The birth of our daughter was the final wake up call. We had to do something. Our salaries were not enough to help us attain our dreams. We needed extra income.

One of the things that I thought of was that we could open a music store and sell music equipment. This was an idea that came easily to me because my father had a similar business. I knew with his help I could start a small store in our town where there were very few specialized music stores. My idea was that I would only specialize on guitars and I would hire someone to run the store.

I loved guitars and I had a Taylor GS mini guitar that I kept from when I was a very young boy. My father had given me the guitar when his hopes had been that I would one day take over the business. Maybe I can give him some satisfaction by opening a branch in my town.

Music made school easier and paved the way for my career

School lifeSchool life is not always an enjoyable experience for kids. Many times parents and guardians have to struggle with children who are not so eager to go to school each morning. I was one of the kids who did not like to school.

I remember that I would wonder what the fuss about school was all about. Why wouldn’t I be allowed just to sleep a little more? Did I have to wake up and go to school in such cold? Did I have to recite all those boring sentences from the teacher? Did I have to contend with the bullies each day at school?

Despite my numerous objections and reasoning, I had continued to go to school every day like clockwork.

For some kids, school becomes more manageable as days go by and eventually it becomes enjoyable for some, for me this was not happening. This was until one day when I was introduced to a new subject called music.

I remember that I fell in love with music on the very first day of that class. In our school, the music subject was introduced to kids when they were almost ten years old so I was pretty grown up and I can still remember the day.

That day the teacher came with some musical instruments and some music players. For the first session, she told us to have fun playing any of the instruments. I picked a small digital piano and I fell in love with it.

From then on I would look forward to the music lessons. Looking forward to the musical lessons gave me something to look forward to every morning going to school.

Naturally, when it came to choosing what to study in college, I chose music. By this time I was very good. I had majored in music and I was very good at playing the guitar. I had also become a great singer. Eventually I graduated from college with top honors in music.

Unfortunately, after college I did not get a job immediately as I had thought. There were simply no vacancies at all the places I had applied for a job.

Having all the free time, I had decided to keep myself busy with my skill. Since I was good at singing and playing the guitar, I decided I could be playing at small gigs at some of the recreational joints in the city. I first had to buy proper music gear. I bought an amp and a proper guitar ideal for live performance. Armed with these items I went off looking for gigs.

At first, things were rough. Being a new unheard of guy, nobody was willing to risk hiring me. To get recognition I had to start at some of the cheap joints at very low rates. Since what I needed was simply a chance to play, I gave them my all.

Soon my reputation started growing and I started being invited at some of the pricier joints. By this time I had realized that my music equipment was not of the best quality and I decided to invest in better preamps. I also bought a new guitar to usher in my new phase.

I am no longer looking for a job.

I did not think that shopping for an electronic guitar could be so complicated

Shopping for music instrumentShopping for different kinds of items requires one to have a unique approach for each commodity. For example, when you are shopping for groceries you would have a very different approach as to when you are shopping for electrical gadgets. While shopping for groceries, some of the main things you will consider include the freshness of the product, the appearance, the size, and the price of the groceries. While shopping for electrical gadgets, you might consider the functionality of the item, the features, the warranty, the quality, the manufacture, and the price of the electric gadget.

As you can see, the only similar consideration when shopping for these two different items is the price. The price is a common factor that is considered when shopping for almost everything except for some critical items such as when life is at stake. The price is however not considered by simply checking if the price is high or low. There are many other factors that will determine if the price is okay or not.

To be able to shop for items rightly, it is important to first have adequate information about the item you are shopping for. If you do not have sufficient information about the product you are shopping for you might have a tough time choosing what to buy. One of the items that can be tough to shop for is musical appliances.

Shopping for musical implements can be a daunting task. This is because musical appliances are not everyday items that we come across every so often in our life. Musical appliances are usually associated with musicians and those of us who are not musicians we simply ignore them.

I was however put in a terrible position by my son one time when he was in high school. He was in a boarding school and he was a great music student. Music was his passion. One day when I had visited him, I had found him in great spirits due to some great strides that he had made in his guitar playing; he had won some competition and he had received an award.

He had gone on to tell me that he wanted an electric guitar for practicing at home when he was not in school. He was keen on perfecting his guitar playing skills.

At home we had an old Seagull guitar that my husband had owned for many ways and which he had used to teach our son how to play the guitar with. Apparently, this was now outdated and now I had to get a new fancy electric guitar for my son.

When I went shopping for the guitar, I was not prepared for the array of products that I would meet in the music store. I had thought it would be a simple matter of asking for an electric guitar. Instead I realized that there were multiple types including some electric guitars that were special in that they needed bass amps to be used together with. The guitars were also made by many different manufactures and I had no clue of knowing what guitar would be ideal for my son.

Discovering a musical talent in our young adventurous son

musician 3My young son from a very early age began showing the telltale signs of one day becoming a great musician. He was but a few months old when we realized that he would often be busy trying to make some music. He had not yet learnt to speak when he started singing. From the time when he discovered his voice, he begun making sounds that me and my wife immediately recognized as being inclined to some kind of a melody although a rather unrefined one.

When he first heard music, we realized that he could immediately pick out the tune of the music and try to sing it out with his untrained voice. This was a great source of amusement for us. His parroting of songs led us to buy some infant music that he would like. He adored the music. Often we would have to play the music in the house hour after hour. If the music stopped for a second our infant boy would raise a terrible tantrum that would force us to turn on the music again. His exhaustion was our only relief from the music.

Many times my boy’s choice of musical instrument was a spoon. It did not matter what he used the spoon against.

It happened that he discovered the musical properties of a spoon one day when he was being fed on a paste that he was not particularly enjoying. As he grudgingly struggled to eat the food, he had subconsciously started hitting on the dish he was eating from. The sound fascinated him a great deal and a new musical device was discovered.

Unfortunately he tried the spoon on everything including the table, the floor, and even his food. When he eventually decided to try it even on our faces, we decided that maybe we should get him some musical instrument. We decided to buy for him a digital piano for beginners that was specially made for kids such as him. It was tough and could not be damaged by the rough treatment it could expect from the youngling. It also had various sounds that would fascinate the toddler.

Our son received the piano with a lot of enthusiasm. The music that had been a constant in the house could at last be switched off; we now had new music to listen to.

At first the sound from our sons piano playing was horrendous. My wife and I are not musically gifted in any way so we could not provide any help but let our son do whatever pleased him. After a few days, we were surprised when we realized that despite not being very refined, our son’s piano playing had some sort of melody to it. This was amazing.

This is when we realized that our son could one day be a huge music star. I could imagine him one day playing greatly amplified music to a huge crowd and people wildly applauding him. I decided that I would enroll him to a music school for children when he grew a little bit older.

Parallels between guitar types and motor vehicle types

Guitars like motor vehicles are made for different purposes and for different kinds of people. In the same way that we have many types of motor vehicles but all motor vehicles have one common purpose, we also have many kinds of guitars albeit similar purposes.

In motor vehicles, there are great differences in the different types and models. For example we have 18 wheelers and we have small mini models. Both provide transportation services but in very different ways. One is made primarily to transport one or two people while the other is designed to transport tons of luggage. Among these huge transportation vehicles we also have differences such as there are trucks designed to carry fluids such as petroleum old while others carry solid luggage.

Motor vehicles are also made with particular emphasis on features such as speed, comfort, performance, and appearance.

For example, sport cars such as Ferraris are made for speed unlike the common Toyotas that are made for convenience. While the Ferrari may be costly but produce great speed and give the owner some flair; the Toyota does not necessarily stand out, it may not have great speed or performance but it is very affordable, and it is inexpensive to maintain. These are some things that distinguish different car types and models.

When it comes to guitars we also have a similar scenario. There are many different types of guitars although they are all used to produce an almost similar sound.

One of the major differences among guitars is the size. Not all guitars are made with the same size. There are large guitars and much smaller guitars. There are guitars that are small to fit a size that can be played by children of all ages and we have also differenguitar & motor vehiclet guitar sizes for adults. For example, ladies have specially made guitars that are smaller than the normally sized guitar.

There are also some guitars that are made smaller for special reasons such as for travel. The best travel guitars have a smaller design so as to maximize portability. They are also designed with tougher material that can withstand rougher handling.

Some guitars are made with designs that are aimed at maximizing or enhancing the sound quality. These are features that are especially important for expert guitar players. An expert will not buy any guitar but he will only go for a guitar that is finely designed to produce the right kind of pitch and tone for his ear. Many times an untrained ear will not be able to pick out the difference in sound. As it is with motor vehicles, guitars with designs finely tuned for quality sound cost more than the ordinary guitar.

Other guitars may vary in terms of the aesthetic nature of their design. Some expensive guitars are made with enhanced designs on their body work. These design work is usually done by expertly skilled craftsmen that make the guitars stand out.

Guitars just like cars are made by different manufactures and each manufacturer also usually has some prestige or particular attributes that go along with its products such as durability and quality in performance.