Popular Water Shoes For Women This Year

popular women shoes

Ladies who do sport in wet areas and also those who like water sports like rowing boats, river walking and kayaking among other water related activities like yoga should not miss a pair of water shoes for women in their closet. However, getting a superior quality shoe is actually a challenge for most ladies. Below are some of best shoe water for women in 2017:

1. The Dreamcity women shoe

The shoe’s upper is made with a mesh that allow the foot have some breathing space. The midsole is made from solyte making the shoe light in weight such that it gives the user a good ability to provide the bounce back skill. The out sole is a water grip tight which give the best grip.

Dreamcity woman shoes features

• They have holes on the sole and an open upper made of mesh which allows aeration and quick drying.

• Outsole is made of water grip, which provide traction on slippery and wet areas.

Advantages of the shoes

• Shoes are in all types of colours

• They are comfortable

• They are the best when working in water and trail walks.


• Some may appear big and very small, hence not available for all.

2. Quick drying Aleader woman’s shoes

The upper part of this shoe is made of mesh which fastens the drying of the shoe after cleaning. The shoelace is made from elastic which is closed to provide an easy off and on ability. Its inner sole is cushioned to provide extra support.

Aleader features

• It has a comfort dry sock liner which offers the best cushioning performance.

• It has a well upper aerated mesh which allow the feet to aerate.

• Technologized fluid flow to allow the water to drain faster.


• It is comfortable

• It dry’s faster compared to the other shoes.

• It has various sizes which fit all.


• The upper mesh is quite rough when new but softens as the time goes by.

3. Mesh slip Aleader woman’s water shoe

It is a light weight shoe with an upper part made of mesh and the mid foot is made of web. This two combination give you an adaptive fit shoe and a supportive one. It has a flexible groove that give the natural movement without replacing anything.

Mesh Aleader shoes features

• It midsole is made of solyte which provide invincible lightweight to the midsole.

• The upper mesh is open to allow fast drying for provision of excellent aeration.

• The outsole is made of water grain which allow unrivalled grip on slippery and wet areas.


• The shoes are comfortable

• They are at affordable prices.

• They are the best on beach and cruises idea.


• The holes on the rubber may allow some small rocks to stick on it, although this doesn’t affect the shoe erformance.

4. Mesh slip Zhuanglin women’s water shoe

Its upper part is made of mesh which allows ventilation. They are light weight and provide best performance.

Zhuanglin shoe features

• It has a webbing midfoot system to restore with slip on to give light weight and aeration.

• The flex grooves are articulated to provide excellent comfort and to give the natural range of movement.


• It is the best shoe for river walks and water aerobics.

• Provide best accomplishment with lot of fun.

• It easy to get the shoe off and on.


• The large sole hole allows some small rock to stick on and to filter in the shoe.