How To Choose A Portable External Hard Disk

how to choose portable hard disk

If you are looking to purchase an external hard disk, you have numerous options to choose from. One of the most important purchasing questions is: “Should I buy a flash disk or a portable hard disk?” Some people are uninformed there is a variety. There are benefits to both products and taking time to learn and know them will assist you in making the property that is right for you.

Price Factors When Choosing Your Portable Hard Drive

Price is a significant advantage of portable drives when compared to flash drives (or pen drives, thumb drives, jump drives, and USB sticks). If you are looking for storage space, hard drives offer much more space for less money. When you get into the higher capacity flash drives, like 32GB models, things start getting expensive. A 32GB flash disk is many times more expensive than a standard portable hard disk with up to five times the volume.

With the ever increasing need for storing and securing data, and with the prices of portable hard drives coming down, you have every intention to go with a high capacity pocket hard drive such as the ones available at sites like

Lifespan of Portable Hard Disk

Portable hard disk offer another significant advantage over flash drives: USB flash disks have a few number of erase cycles before failure, and write orders will slow as the device ages. Alternatively, hard pocket drives offer much more write/erase cycles, and last longer. Consider buying a pocket hard drive if you will be using your device regularly and are looking for something that will last a long time.

Software and Capacity With Portable Hard Disks

Many assume that external hard disks are large and high and therefore buy lower capacity flash drives, but this is no longer true. 1″ Microdrives allow businesses to make highly compact external data storage devices in capacities up to 12GB. There are also slightly larger, 1.8″ and 2.5″ portable hard drives that go up to 160GB. These will soon be available in 320GB capacity. You can currently put a 160GB portable hard drive in your pocket for a very fair price. That much data storage space is useless with flash based thumb drives.

Many hard drive-based portable hard drives have included software, such as, “Single-Touch” data back-up and data encryption. Because flash disks can sustain a limited number of write and erase cycles before failure, and, lack sufficient capacity for desktop or mobile use, USB Pocket hard drives are the clear choice if you intend to run software from your device.

Another factor that goes into purchasing the right hard drive includes how much physical room the device takes up. If you’re going to be transporting it often, you will want to choose a device that is relatively small and light. However, it is important to keep in mind that the hard disk drive’s size will be largely dependent on how much information it can store.

Final Remunerations

Features like USB connections, driver-less data path (plug-and-play), and small size are present in both flash and pocket hard drives. But, with higher capacities, longer lifespan, and more capabilities, buying a hard disk based portable hard disk device is frequently suggested.

My Small Sister is her Own Boss!

flexible jobsWhen I was pregnant and almost due with my first child, I had to call my sister to stay with me. I was pretty useless and could do nothing on my own. As you would expect, I lagged behind in doing my daily chores and my house became very messy. I am not very comfortable with strangers in my house and despite my husband urging me to hire a help, I could not do it.

We have been great buddies with my younger sister and since she was without any binding attachments, I asked her if she could come over. Without hesitation, she agreed.

My sister Maggie has always been quite the outgoing one in our families. Me being the absolute introvert, I always admired how she had an open minded view of various aspects in life. For example, since she had graduated from college a year ago, she had not bothered to look for employment. She however managed to live in the city meeting all her bills and meeting all her daily needs.

My small sister was very talented artistically and being a very social person, she had a very good network of friends who would hook her up with flexible jobs which she viewed as hobbies. These included party planning, photography and painting, working as a make-up artist, and other related contractual gigs. Being quite the gifted artist, and having majored in the arts while in college, she was quite well paid and had good demand.

Our parents and I were concerned about the temporal nature of these jobs and urged her to find something more permanent and maybe save up some money to start her own business. Calling her to come live with me during this time was also a strategy for me to find time to talk to her.

When she came over, Maggie was her usual vibrant self; zipping around the house full of energy and always chatting about this and that. My home became very lively. I however noticed that she would often be deeply engrossed working on her laptop especially in the afternoons and deep into the night.

After a few days I broached the subject about what she planned for her future. Due to our close friendship, we always confided in each other.

She went ahead to tell me how she just loathed the idea of employment. She told me how she was her own boss doing that which she loved and how rewarding it was. She told me that her demand in the city had grown so much that she was now working strictly according to pre-planned schedule. She was even planning to start a registered business once she acquired the funding.

I was surprised when she told me that her agreeing to come to stay with me was a way of escaping from the city to build her website. The times she was busy working on her laptop she was writing blog articles for her website.

“When did you become a writer?” I asked.

She went on to explain that she had taken up blog writing a few months back and had realized that she was quite good. In fact, this was her second most paying activity after party planning, but she loved writing more since the market for web articles was insatiable. She could also work on blog articles with unequaled flexibility!