The steady development of music from ancient times to the modern day

The steady development of music from ancient times to the modern day

Music is a very important aspect of everyday life. Music provides a great channel for people to relax and escape the harsh realities of life. Music is a great mode for communication too. Music is a universally accepted entity that brings together people of different races, religions, languages, and beliefs. Music knows no boundaries.

Music has not always been the same way we perceive it. Music has grown continuously changing its form and taking up new shape and nature. In the ancient times, music was simple. Music was mostly in nature, the tap-tap of rain on a hard surface, the singing of birds, the sounds of different animals, the sound of howling wind, the sound of hooves drumming on the ground, the sound of walking feet and any other sounds that could be heard in the natural.

Man formed the first pieces of music by mimicking this sounds of nature. This was by the use of his voice or by using instruments. This was the beginning of the creation of music and the beginning of musical instruments. Man may have started by drumming against hard surfaces to copy the staccato sounds of rain or the sound of hooves. Mimicking the sounds of wild animals and the sounds of birds could have been the beginning of singing as we know it.

As time went on, man, thanks to his superior abilities for invention, continued to develop music. There was a rapid development in the singing capabilities once man understood his voice’s capacity and realized that he could use his voice to make melodious sounds. Later man realized that he could mix the melodious sounds with some words from the language that he was still developing. This was the beginning of song.

As music in the form of song was developing, man was also finding more ingenious ways of making musical instruments. Man went a step more from percussion instruments when he discovered the wonders of wind when blown through hollows. This was the beginning of wind instruments. Stringed musical instruments were also developed using taut vines and thin taut strips of hide.

Music was also incorporated in communication. This can be seen in the example where musical instruments such as the trumpets were used to communicate in war.

Songs were also made with special messages to be used in special instances. Songs were used to teach and to tell stories that passed information from one generation to another.

With time, as music continued to develop and musical instruments also got better, music increasingly became a form of entertainment. This drove the development of music to being focused more on quality. Man’s desire became to produce the best musical sounds that were pleasing to the ear.

This brought about the introduction of choirs, operas, and singing groups. It also led to the introduction of music schools which trained individuals on singing and playing musical instruments. Craftsmen also became more devoted towards producing quality musical instruments.

With the advancement of technology today, man has been able to take music to another whole new level. The discovery of sound amplification was especially quite monumental in the development of musical appliances and the manipulation of musical sounds.

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How I got tasked to shop for music appliances, something I know nothing about

How I got tasked to shop for music appliances, something I know nothing about

Shopping for stuff can be a lot of fun. This is especially if you are shopping for things that you like. Visiting the different shops and sampling the different commodities on offer can be a lot of fun. Finding new items that you have not seen and finding the differences between related items is also quite entertaining.

Shopping can however become a dreary exercise if you are tasked with shopping for stuff that you are not well acquainted with. It would be especially tough if you are told to shop for items that you know nothing about. This happened to me when I was tasked with shopping for musical instruments.

I am part of a Christian youth group in my hometown. We are involved in many communal activities that are aimed at promoting the wellness of the youth in the community while at the same time helping the community. Many times, we engage in voluntary services such as cleaning, helping in conservation campaigns, helping the less fortunate such as the homeless, trainings, and many other activities.

Our group decided that we needed to buy some better music equipment for the group’s musical department. We had a vibrant music group and they often performed in churches and in special events. Our equipment was however not of the best quality and some of the items were faulty. The request for better equipment had been going on for some time and finally there were enough funds to buy the new equipment.

Unfortunately, when the decision was being passed to get the new musical appliances I was not present. I was travelling on some work assignment and I was not available on that weekend. When I received the call about the meeting, and was updated about the decision to buy the instruments I was quite excited but the timing was quite against me.

Being the club’s treasurer, I was a prominent absentee. I felt very bad about not being able to attend the meeting. I told the members to continue with the meeting and assign me the necessary duties which I would handle when I got back in a day or two. Little did I know what I was getting myself into!

When I got back, I found that I had been assigned the duty of shopping for the equipment. I had thought that my duty would have been to simply check the affordability of the instruments and maybe some book keeping tasks! I had not figured that I would be selected to do the actual shopping!

Obviously the other members assumed that I was conversant with musical appliances, well I was not. Looking at the long list of items that I was supposed to shop for, the only familiar name on the list was Yamaha. At least I had an idea that this was a keyboard although I did not understand the other funny words that were written against the word Yamaha.

I could not possibly decline the task that I was allocated. I had to find someone who understood more about music equipment to help me out.

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Music made school easier and paved the way for my career

School lifeSchool life is not always an enjoyable experience for kids. Many times parents and guardians have to struggle with children who are not so eager to go to school each morning. I was one of the kids who did not like to school.

I remember that I would wonder what the fuss about school was all about. Why wouldn’t I be allowed just to sleep a little more? Did I have to wake up and go to school in such cold? Did I have to recite all those boring sentences from the teacher? Did I have to contend with the bullies each day at school?

Despite my numerous objections and reasoning, I had continued to go to school every day like clockwork.

For some kids, school becomes more manageable as days go by and eventually it becomes enjoyable for some, for me this was not happening. This was until one day when I was introduced to a new subject called music.

I remember that I fell in love with music on the very first day of that class. In our school, the music subject was introduced to kids when they were almost ten years old so I was pretty grown up and I can still remember the day.

That day the teacher came with some musical instruments and some music players. For the first session, she told us to have fun playing any of the instruments. I picked a small digital piano and I fell in love with it.

From then on I would look forward to the music lessons. Looking forward to the musical lessons gave me something to look forward to every morning going to school.

Naturally, when it came to choosing what to study in college, I chose music. By this time I was very good. I had majored in music and I was very good at playing the guitar. I had also become a great singer. Eventually I graduated from college with top honors in music.

Unfortunately, after college I did not get a job immediately as I had thought. There were simply no vacancies at all the places I had applied for a job.

Having all the free time, I had decided to keep myself busy with my skill. Since I was good at singing and playing the guitar, I decided I could be playing at small gigs at some of the recreational joints in the city. I first had to buy proper music gear. I bought an amp and a proper guitar ideal for live performance. Armed with these items I went off looking for gigs.

At first, things were rough. Being a new unheard of guy, nobody was willing to risk hiring me. To get recognition I had to start at some of the cheap joints at very low rates. Since what I needed was simply a chance to play, I gave them my all.

Soon my reputation started growing and I started being invited at some of the pricier joints. By this time I had realized that my music equipment was not of the best quality and I decided to invest in better preamps. I also bought a new guitar to usher in my new phase.

I am no longer looking for a job.

I did not think that shopping for an electronic guitar could be so complicated

Shopping for music instrumentShopping for different kinds of items requires one to have a unique approach for each commodity. For example, when you are shopping for groceries you would have a very different approach as to when you are shopping for electrical gadgets. While shopping for groceries, some of the main things you will consider include the freshness of the product, the appearance, the size, and the price of the groceries. While shopping for electrical gadgets, you might consider the functionality of the item, the features, the warranty, the quality, the manufacture, and the price of the electric gadget.

As you can see, the only similar consideration when shopping for these two different items is the price. The price is a common factor that is considered when shopping for almost everything except for some critical items such as when life is at stake. The price is however not considered by simply checking if the price is high or low. There are many other factors that will determine if the price is okay or not.

To be able to shop for items rightly, it is important to first have adequate information about the item you are shopping for. If you do not have sufficient information about the product you are shopping for you might have a tough time choosing what to buy. One of the items that can be tough to shop for is musical appliances.

Shopping for musical implements can be a daunting task. This is because musical appliances are not everyday items that we come across every so often in our life. Musical appliances are usually associated with musicians and those of us who are not musicians we simply ignore them.

I was however put in a terrible position by my son one time when he was in high school. He was in a boarding school and he was a great music student. Music was his passion. One day when I had visited him, I had found him in great spirits due to some great strides that he had made in his guitar playing; he had won some competition and he had received an award.

He had gone on to tell me that he wanted an electric guitar for practicing at home when he was not in school. He was keen on perfecting his guitar playing skills.

At home we had an old Seagull guitar that my husband had owned for many ways and which he had used to teach our son how to play the guitar with. Apparently, this was now outdated and now I had to get a new fancy electric guitar for my son.

When I went shopping for the guitar, I was not prepared for the array of products that I would meet in the music store. I had thought it would be a simple matter of asking for an electric guitar. Instead I realized that there were multiple types including some electric guitars that were special in that they needed bass amps to be used together with. The guitars were also made by many different manufactures and I had no clue of knowing what guitar would be ideal for my son.

Discovering a musical talent in our young adventurous son

musician 3My young son from a very early age began showing the telltale signs of one day becoming a great musician. He was but a few months old when we realized that he would often be busy trying to make some music. He had not yet learnt to speak when he started singing. From the time when he discovered his voice, he begun making sounds that me and my wife immediately recognized as being inclined to some kind of a melody although a rather unrefined one.

When he first heard music, we realized that he could immediately pick out the tune of the music and try to sing it out with his untrained voice. This was a great source of amusement for us. His parroting of songs led us to buy some infant music that he would like. He adored the music. Often we would have to play the music in the house hour after hour. If the music stopped for a second our infant boy would raise a terrible tantrum that would force us to turn on the music again. His exhaustion was our only relief from the music.

Many times my boy’s choice of musical instrument was a spoon. It did not matter what he used the spoon against.

It happened that he discovered the musical properties of a spoon one day when he was being fed on a paste that he was not particularly enjoying. As he grudgingly struggled to eat the food, he had subconsciously started hitting on the dish he was eating from. The sound fascinated him a great deal and a new musical device was discovered.

Unfortunately he tried the spoon on everything including the table, the floor, and even his food. When he eventually decided to try it even on our faces, we decided that maybe we should get him some musical instrument. We decided to buy for him a digital piano for beginners that was specially made for kids such as him. It was tough and could not be damaged by the rough treatment it could expect from the youngling. It also had various sounds that would fascinate the toddler.

Our son received the piano with a lot of enthusiasm. The music that had been a constant in the house could at last be switched off; we now had new music to listen to.

At first the sound from our sons piano playing was horrendous. My wife and I are not musically gifted in any way so we could not provide any help but let our son do whatever pleased him. After a few days, we were surprised when we realized that despite not being very refined, our son’s piano playing had some sort of melody to it. This was amazing.

This is when we realized that our son could one day be a huge music star. I could imagine him one day playing greatly amplified music to a huge crowd and people wildly applauding him. I decided that I would enroll him to a music school for children when he grew a little bit older.

Parallels between guitar types and motor vehicle types

Guitars like motor vehicles are made for different purposes and for different kinds of people. In the same way that we have many types of motor vehicles but all motor vehicles have one common purpose, we also have many kinds of guitars albeit similar purposes.

In motor vehicles, there are great differences in the different types and models. For example we have 18 wheelers and we have small mini models. Both provide transportation services but in very different ways. One is made primarily to transport one or two people while the other is designed to transport tons of luggage. Among these huge transportation vehicles we also have differences such as there are trucks designed to carry fluids such as petroleum old while others carry solid luggage.

Motor vehicles are also made with particular emphasis on features such as speed, comfort, performance, and appearance.

For example, sport cars such as Ferraris are made for speed unlike the common Toyotas that are made for convenience. While the Ferrari may be costly but produce great speed and give the owner some flair; the Toyota does not necessarily stand out, it may not have great speed or performance but it is very affordable, and it is inexpensive to maintain. These are some things that distinguish different car types and models.

When it comes to guitars we also have a similar scenario. There are many different types of guitars although they are all used to produce an almost similar sound.

One of the major differences among guitars is the size. Not all guitars are made with the same size. There are large guitars and much smaller guitars. There are guitars that are small to fit a size that can be played by children of all ages and we have also differenguitar & motor vehiclet guitar sizes for adults. For example, ladies have specially made guitars that are smaller than the normally sized guitar.

There are also some guitars that are made smaller for special reasons such as for travel. The best travel guitars have a smaller design so as to maximize portability. They are also designed with tougher material that can withstand rougher handling.

Some guitars are made with designs that are aimed at maximizing or enhancing the sound quality. These are features that are especially important for expert guitar players. An expert will not buy any guitar but he will only go for a guitar that is finely designed to produce the right kind of pitch and tone for his ear. Many times an untrained ear will not be able to pick out the difference in sound. As it is with motor vehicles, guitars with designs finely tuned for quality sound cost more than the ordinary guitar.

Other guitars may vary in terms of the aesthetic nature of their design. Some expensive guitars are made with enhanced designs on their body work. These design work is usually done by expertly skilled craftsmen that make the guitars stand out.

Guitars just like cars are made by different manufactures and each manufacturer also usually has some prestige or particular attributes that go along with its products such as durability and quality in performance.

Understanding guitars, their mystical powers

guitarsGuitars are interesting musical instruments. They are arguably the most common musical instrument in the world today. This could be due the fact that many of the numerous ancient communities used a similar instrument or a variation of the modern day guitar. These includes other stringed instruments such as the banjo, the sitar, the ukulele, and the violin among others.

Despite the guitar being such a common instrument, it is not the easiest musical instrument to play. Actually, it can be quite challenging. Unlike other instruments such as the drum where you have to only be keen on maintaining a certain tempo, the guitar includes fretting.

Fretting is where the guitarists presses the strings of the guitar using his fingers at different positions on the arm of the guitar while strumming the strings at a certain beat. Fretting is what makes the guitar produce different pitch from each string while the player is strumming them.

Guitars are probably also loved so much due to the intimate way that they are used. Musicians of old such as the country musicians who sang romantic, passionate and dreamy ballads were especially responsible for popularizing the guitar. A musicians armed with only a guitar and his or her voice could produce great music to move crowds. As such, musicians would travel the country singing to many people and this is what also led to the musical tours of today.

The portability of the guitar helped a great deal in making this possible. Other musical instruments that can be used by solo musicians such as the piano or keyboard are not ideal for travel. They are bulky, heavy and delicate. Also, other musical instruments may require the use of other accessories and facilities. For example, many guitarists would sing in bars and small rooms where a piano could not be conveniently set up. Setting up a piano would also take much time.

As time went on, technology advanced and electricity was discovered. The world of music embraced electricity with two spread arms. One of the major ways that music embraced electricity was in the area of amplification. Using electric power, sound could be amplified many times more times and a bigger audience could be entertained at any one time. Guitarists playing acoustic guitars could use amplifiers to sing to a much larger audience by amplifying the sound of their voice and the sound of their guitars.

Electricity was also used in the invention of electric guitars.

The invention of electric guitars was a great invention that took the world by storm. People were amazed by this new technology that could provide such a literally electrifying sound. Electric guitars could provide sounds that were much more powerful than acoustic guitars could provide. The tube amplifiers that were used with electric guitars could also provide much more variety in the sound produced.

Electric guitars brought about the invention of rock and roll music and the introduction of the rock band that is based on the sound of the electric guitar. Much of the music that is produced in the world today has some electric guitar influence.

Music around the world

tommorowlandIt is a very common thing to hear music referred to as being the universal language of the world, but while that may be true, it would be much more accurate to explain further that the language is not a single block, but one that is broken down into several dialect that have their own unique properties and features, even though they are all based on the same premises and overriding attributes.

If one were to travel across the world and visit all the countries, one of the things that would be most striking is the extreme diversity of the music styles that are played and enjoyed by different peoples. All music is based on fundamental aspects like rhythm, pitch and tone, but the different ways in which they are combined and manipulated to form beautiful music is testament to the beauty that is present in human diversity.

In the United States of America, music has had a long evolutionary journey, even though one can still hear influences of the past in the music that is most popular today. In the past music genres like pop, rock, soul and a variety of others ruled the day, drawing a lot of listeners and giving rise to the term “rock star,” encapsulating the life of a music celebrity in those days. Today, one is more likely to find hip hop and rap tracks dominating the charts, but at the same time, blues, rock and other genres are still quite popular.

In the South Americas and the Caribbean, the popular genres of music are those to which the people can dance salsa, categorized by the swaying, undulating movements it encourages due to the arrangement of the mid-tempo instrumentals. Apart from those, Reggae and Reggaeton have always been particularly popular, especially among the younger population. This genres are categorized by their much faster rhythm, punchy lyrics and more energetic dances.

In Asia, there is a dominance of string and wind instruments, and the music is usually of a slower tempo, along with the singing, which is very often of a religious nature, Even when the music is not of a religious nature, it is often in a tempo and rhythm that can be said to be akin to the blues genre that is popular in the west. In some parts of Asia like Japan where there is a lot of Western influence, Hip Hop is beginning to gain a strong hold, especially among the young population of those countries.

In Europe, there is a wide variety of music due to the large number of countries present on the continent. From the blues in England to the wind instruments and heavy chanting of Irish music, the wide range of music that can be enjoyed by visitors to the continent cannot be matched by any other. Another continent with a very wide variety is Africa, where Juju and other olden genres have faded away, making room for Afro-Pop, which is a genre greatly influenced by Hip-Hop, Pop and other such genres.

The attraction of Karaoke

Karaoke 1

Today, there is hardly any city or town that one could enter into without coming across a Karaoke place within the first few hours of going around in search of a place to hang out and have some fun. This is a departure from the situation of things some years ago when Karaoke was considered overly Avant garde and very few people were interested in participating in it.

From its origins in the eastern part of the world, as can be seen from the Asian origins of the name itself, Karaoke has now spread all around the world to the point where audio visual equipment like DVD and Blu-ray players now come with special capabilities in-built to enable them to be used for Karaoke. Apart from showing that the people of the world had a sudden change of mind and decided to begin belting their voices over the stripped instrumentals of their favourite songs, the story of the Karaoke explosion also shows the resilience of the initial promoters who went to great lengths to ensure that Karaoke was accepted by the general public as a fun pastime to engage in.

The development of Karaoke to the point where it is today was met with quite a number of obstacles, one of which was caused by the basic premise of  Karaoke itself; that of allowing people to sing over the instrumentals of popular songs. Because may artistes did not and still do not release the instrumentals-only versions of their popular songs, several attempts were made to find a satisfactory way to remove the vocals of the songs and make it possible for people to be able to sing to the instrumentals alone, without having to be distracted and intimidated by the voices of the original singers.

One of the first ways that this was done was by the development of some software that was built into the Karaoke machines to strip away the vocals, and this can still be found in some old VCD players today. As anyone who has tried to use that system would be able to attest to, it was not very effective, and this led the industry to search for more effective systems, leading to the more advanced ones that are built into the machines that can be found in Karaoke bars and elsewhere today.

Regardless of the technical aspects, the fun that most people find in the Karaoke experience is not in the software or hardware themselves, but rather in the way it makes them feel. Many people have set out for a Karaoke bar with their friends with the intent to sing along to their songs well into the night. The fun of being able to showcase one’s ability to sing well, or not so well among friends is one that has sustained the Karaoke business for decades up to this point. It is worthy of note that although the Karaoke experience has been moved from only being experienced in Karaoke bars and other public places, even the console games that have been developed have consistently laid emphasis on the experience being a shared one.