Is Technology A Friend Or Foe?

Physical Therapist

It is really amazing to see what technology has allowed us to do over the years. Technology is changing how medical professionals do their jobs and care for their patients. No matter what specific field that you choose, there are going to be changes that you will have to endure because of technology. We have in fact been blessed with new technologies but not only treat patients in a different way but have proved they can save lives. I am going to focus on how to become a nutritionist/dietician as well as a physical therapist and the new technologies that are available.

A nutritionist is an expert on food and human nutrition. Nutritionists usually have a Bachelor’s degree and are usually found in hospitals or other facilities planning meals for the residents and patients. Sometimes they work at schools to help children have nutritious meals at breakfast and at lunch.  A nutritionist has the potential to make upwards to $80,000 a year with their Bachelor’s degree and years of practicing nutrition. Computers and other modernized technologies have allowed nutritionists to build charts and choose the proper foods for their clients and go way beyond the food pyramid.

A physical therapist is a medical professional that assists patients in recovery after injuries or other illnesses. Through rehabilitative therapy a therapist can help the patient work through their pain and overcome any other physical obstacles. A physical therapist has the probability to make anywhere from $27.00 to $54.00 an hour or $112,000 a year.

There have been many technological advances to assist physical therapists in their goal of rehabilitating patients. We aren’t talking about crazy superhuman gadgets but real life technology that has changed thousands of lives. These advancements have improved a physical therapist’s ability to do their job adequately as well as the patient’s ability to become stronger at a much faster pace. One of these technologies is called the Ekso body suit. This helps individuals who are unable to walk up out of their wheelchairs and allow them to walk again.  This makes a physical therapist’s job even more rewarding because they get to watch miracles happen. People who thought they would never walk again are now doing just that.

This may sound silly but the Nintendo Wii has helped many people regain strength in rehabilitation. It creates a fun element to physical therapy while at the same time help stroke patients regain their abilities much faster. The patients soon regain their balance and are able to have fun while doing it.

What two rewarding career choices being a nutritionist or a physical therapist are! You have the ability to change lives and witness miracles in the process. Help people eat healthier for a better life and even walk again. Look what technology has done for these amazing careers.

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The Real Cost of Cheap Cloud Storage?

The Real Cost of Cheap Cloud Storage?

Are you on the look for some cheap cloud storage? There are some providers out there that just simply charge WAY too much. If you’re unhappy with your cloud storage provider and want to look at some different options, you should take a look at the cheapest cloud storage providers out there and see if you notice any of the familiar names. Everyone has a different purpose when they shop for providers; some don’t care about functionality and just want a cheap provider while other people don’t mind paying a little more for the extra features.

PC World Knowhow is ranked at the top in terms of price. While they don’t have the most reliable program and software, they are extremely cheap at just $.06 per gigabyte and just $32 for a year of 500GB. There is no other program out there that can compete with those prices. They are also known as being one of the most secure providers out there with their highly touted high grade security.

But what if you want a program with some cool features? Will it really cost you that much more? MyPcBackup is one of the most well-rounded providers out there because of their reasonable cost, but also their features that comes with it as well. When taking a look at the pricing options you might be surprised to find that their 250GB plan is one of their cheapest plans as it is just $.50 more a month than their 75GB plan. Or, if you’re wanting to upgrade to even more space you can get the Unlimited Plan (which isn’t actually unlimited, it is capped at 500GB, but can be raised) which is $6.95 a month. However, if you’re going to need THAT much space then I would recommend going for a different provider as MyPcBackup is more meant for those who need that middle 250GB range of space.

So what cool options come with this provider? How about their remote wipe feature! Not many providers give you the ability to completely wipe out your storage, but it is a handy ability to have in case you want to delete files if there is a security breach. But perhaps the best part of MyPcBackup is their massive amount of support. Whether you have Windows, Mac, Linux, or are on mobile with iOS, Android, Blackberry, or even Kindle Fire, MyPcBackup has your back!

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Cloud Storage: What Makes It Tick?


Cloud Storage: What Makes It Tick?

Have you heard of cloud storage? If so then you might be wondering how it works. What is the cloud? And how can someone take files off their device, put it somewhere else, and not have it stolen? Well, once you do a little bit of research, you’ll find that cloud storage is a pretty easy concept. Not just that though, but more and more people are finding cloud storage to be the right option for them. Do you have important or personal files on your device that you fear getting into the wrong hands? If so then you might want to consider putting it in the cloud so it’s safe in case your phone or computer gets stolen.

So “the cloud” is merely external serves away that is not in anyway related to your device. Generally companies will rent out or buy massive amounts of databases which they use for storage. These companies then rent them out, much like landlords, to people who need extra space. Most smartphones come with a very limited amount of space which explains why more and more people are syncing their smartphones up to the cloud to store their files. But it’s not too often you can do this for free; generally you’ll have to go through a provider where you can purchase a set amount of gigabytes of storage for a rate. Two of the most well known cloud storage providers to date are Crashplan and Carbonite.

If you want to get into cloud storage, you should take a look at these two providers. These aren’t the only two providers out there though, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of cloud storage providers out there that all have their own different strengths and weaknesses. When comparing Crashplan and Carbonite, a very clear difference comes out right away and that is simplicity. If you find yourself constantly having to resort to manuals and/or online FAQs to figure out certain softwares, then Crashplan is not the provider for you. Crashplan has a very extensive interface meant for consistent Crashplan users who know the lingo and are already familiar with Crashplan. Carbonite on the other hand has a much more simple and straightforward design. Even though both of these providers aren’t known for their speed, Carbonite seems to have the better pricing though. But don’t take my word for it, go out there shop on your own to find the best cloud storage provider for you!

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Technology That Makes The World Go Round!

Technology That Makes The World Go Round!

Sports are a favorite American pastime and there are several factors that help people to enjoy their favorite sports more. Technology plays a major role in how people view and enjoy sports today. It allows sports to be readily available and it allows fans to enjoy a more interactive experience. You can easily get information on your favorite athletes, such as their stats, their biography and even their birthday.

How Technology Helps Inspirational Sports

Athletes are inspirational and their superior talents and skills are enough to motivate just about anyone. However, not all people are able to participate in sports, so being a spectator allows them to enjoy the excitement. Catherine Bell said, “I like all the adventure sports, but I like to do them in a safe way.” You can use technology to enjoy sports so that you are never in the danger zone. Watching competitions online or on television can still get your adrenaline pumping and keep you very entertained.

In the last 10 to 15 years, how people interact with sports and how sports are played have changed thanks to technology. The following are impactful changes:

a)      Digital technology is used to create sport’s uniforms

b)      Fans can easily purchase tickets online

c)      Fans can create a fantasy team of their favorite players

d)     Teams use technology to develop effective training and practice tools

e)      News coverage for sports is now 24/7

f)       There is a visual record of every second of the game

g)      Fans and players can cannot via the media

Athletes Who Were Born on the 4th of July

Sports are a major part of American culture and Americans tend to be very patriotic. Celebrating athlete’s birthdays on the 4th of July allow both of these to come together. You can learn more about the athletes born on this day by reading quotes or by checking out their biography. Learning more about your favorite athletes is a way to get to know them better so that you can relate them, even though your lives are very different.

When you are planning your 4th of July festivities, incorporate a little celebration for the athletes born on this day. Some of the best to ever take the field or the court were born on the day that the United States gained its independence. Popular athletes who were born on the 4th of July include:

a)      American racecar driver Johnnie Parsons was born in 1918

b)      Baseball player Ed Armbrister was born in 1948

c)      Basketball player Harvey Grant was born in 1965

d)     Hockey player Steve Rucchin was born in 1971

e)      Football player Derek Loville was born in 1968

Take advantage of the technology available to keep up-to-date on your favorite sports, teams and athletes. Thanks to the Internet, you never have to be in the dark about the latest scores, injury reports or other sports news. This is perfect for fans who are busy and are not always able to catch games or sports news broadcasts.

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Trained To Look Deeper And Further!

Pediatric_polysomnogramDo you have a knack for using state-of-the-art technology? If so you might be interested in a career in the medical field. Not all the occupations in the medical field have to deal with sticking needles in patients, or performing high-stakes surgeries. EKG technicians, otherwise known as electrocardiogram techs, using high-tech electrocardiograms to monitor the heart rates and blood pressure,  of patients and document important information. A lot of the daily jobs of an EKG tech is done operating this state-of-the-art technology and using it on patients. A great deal of knowledge about software and the given hardware is a must for this line of work, but also good communication so you can communicate with the patients.

If being an EKG tech interests you, then you might want to know a little more about how you can become an EKG tech. The actual field of being an EKG tech is greatly increasing because of how popular heart disease is becoming. This is a fortunate, yet unfortunate, aspect of the job. This is why the field is expected to grow at least 24% in the next decade. A lot of your patients will be those with heart conditions or at least potential heart conditions. Perhaps the best thing about being an EKG tech is the fact that little additional education is required. In fact, most of those who make it to EKG only have a 4-year degree. This is big because, as you may know, a lot of job in the medical field require additional years of college experience. However, the biggest emphasis is on-the-job training which can last up to two years. Once you complete your training you might be required to become licensed. This is all dependent on where you live. As an EKG tech you can expect to make about $50,000 a year.

However, being an EKG tech isn’t the only occupation that includes the use of high-tech equipment. Similar to EKG technology, X-ray technology does a lot of the same things but rather than looking at the heart and monitoring various aspects of the cardiovascular system, X-ray techs look at bones, joints, and tendons. Having a good understanding of the human skeletal system is a must in this field, as well as the knowledge of x-ray technology. As an X-ray tech you make about the same as an EKG tech, but there are more factors involved. For instance, if you also become skilled in mammography, or the use of MRI and/or CT scanning technology, you can make a little bit more. Generally, I’d say you can expect to make, on average, about $60,000 a year as an X-ray tech.

Music Could Help Dementia Patients

Music Could Help Dementia Patients

Unless an individual happens to be very wealthy, chances are that when “old age” hits they are going to see the inside of a retirement or nursing home. Having worked in one for a short time when I was younger, I have determined that I would rather pass into the great beyond than through the doors of a nursing home.

Granted I was only 17 when I came to work as an assistant activities coordinator and was totally unfamiliar with this type of place. It only took two weeks of this experience before I broke down in tears and told my boss that I would not be coming back. I can only hope that places like that no longer exist, but I am afraid that they still do.

Many patients who come to live in facilities for the elderly have no family. They live out the rest of their lives in places where they have no visitors or much interaction throughout the day. If they come in with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease it tends to get progressively worse each day that goes by. That is, until the music is turned on.

As an assistant to the activities director it was my job once a day, to bring the patients out of their rooms and into the activity room. I would read to them or just tell them stories, which they seemed to like but would not cause any flickers of life behind their eyes. Turn on the music and it was a completely different story; arms and legs would start moving and smiles would come to their faces. There was one woman who never moved or spoke at all (except to throw her food on you once and a while), but when the music was playing her head would bop along with everyone else.

Research has proven that hearing music can bring life back to those who are unresponsive, such as patients in late stage Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Music can be associated with particular memories, so hearing a piece of music can remind one of happier times even when the individual cannot seem to remember much of anything. It is also important to remember that music can also be associated with sad memories so anyone providing music for a patient should watch closely for signs of distress or agitation.

Music therapy can be an interesting career path for anyone with a degree in music, and it is not only used for dementia patients. Those who come back from war suffering from PTSD can also benefit from music therapy, as can children with learning disabilities, those with substance abuse issues, people who suffer from brain injuries, and even mothers experiencing pain from labor. An education in music can also benefit children in general as musical study can enhance studies in language and vocabulary.

Music has amazing abilities; it can calm us down after a day of stress, make us happy when we hear a particular song, and even reach those individuals who seem unapproachable. “Don’t worry if it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear. Just sing, sing a song.”

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The Next Big Technological Breakthroughs In Medicine

medicine technological breakthroughs

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Medical technology is moving forward at a speed that is almost overwhelming. Use a printer to make an artificial ear? You bet! How about a person with a bionic eye? Drugs that can help the body’s immune system fight off cancer? These things are all now becoming possible, quicker than anyone thought they could be.

Applications are being developed that will be able to use biomonitoring electrodes for tracking an individual’s vital signs as a person is running, as well as gloves that can sense how warm or cold a person’s hands are, and headbands that can sense the heart rate. While these types of applications are not exactly new, being able to send this information directly to your doctor is.  This type of information will be invaluable for those with heart problems or other serious medical conditions.

Another recent breakthrough is the creation of an implantable artificial kidney for those on dialysis experiencing end stage renal failure or ESRF. For those who find themselves tied to a dialysis machine at least three times a week this news is very exciting. A small device approximately the size of a cup will be able to do the work of a traditional dialysis machine and then some. There are almost 2 million people worldwide that suffer from ESRF, and the disease costs Medicare approximately $33 billion dollars every year. Not only would this device save lives, but it could also save billions of dollars.

Hospital pharmacies are seeing benefit from these technological breakthroughs as well. Each year hospital pharmacies are being squeezed tighter by smaller budgets, but are still expected to manage shortages, keep up with regulatory compliance, and deal with drug recalls while reducing staff at the same time. Enter Kit Check, an RFID (radio-frequency identification) system that allows pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to identify the hundreds of drug kits in each pharmacy as well as help to replenish the items located in a kit. Traditionally this was done by hand, which would take valuable time and be prone to human error. Kit Check provides better patient safety and saved costs in the pharmacy by reducing kit processing time.

It is estimated that approximately 65 million people worldwide live with epilepsy, which is a disorder of the brain. A large number of these people are unable to control the seizures with medication or treatment. A breakthrough in treatment options has become available with a device that can be implanted under the skin. The device will record brain patterns and if an oncoming seizure is detected electrical pulses are sent which will stop the oncoming seizure. This implantable device will drastically reduce the frequency of these seizures allowing quality of life for those suffering from the condition as well as costs savings. It is estimated that in the United States alone $1 billion dollars is spent due to emergency room visits.

From devices that will tell you the chemical make-up of a meal to devices that can be implanted in running shoes telling a person how many steps they have taken, to genomic tests that can determine the aggressiveness of a cancer tumor, the breakthroughs in medical technology are astounding.