How Cannabis Relieves Stress


Marijuana is still a medicinal plant that is in question because of the psychoactive effect it gives to some users. However, it is studied to have many health benefits. One of its benefits is to relieve stress. Stress can be a cause of many different diseases, including cancer. You would notice that doctors would usually advise their patients, regardless of the illness, to reduce their stress. Though not many medical practitioners would directly tell you to use marijuana, some would still recommend using cannabis-based products to help them in their healing process.


Scientists have been studying the herb for years now and have discovered that the two main ingredients in marijuana are THC and CBD. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol and is the culprit in giving the psychoactive effect to users. But it is also one of the responsible agents in providing the health benefits the plant possess. CBD (cannabidiol), on the other hand, is not psychoactive and could fight off the ‘high’ effect of THC if taken in higher doses. More and more products come out with lowered THC levels and higher CBD for different physical and mental stability. So, how does cannabis help relieve stress?


1. It calms the nerves


Long time and first-time users have observed that using marijuana relaxes them and calms their nerves. This is because the marijuana works as an anxiolytic that balances the autonomic nervous system. The breathing, heartbeat and digestive system are put in a ‘relaxed state’.


2. It helps you sleep better


Sleep is one of the most powerful stress relievers. However, in most times, people cannot sleep because of stress. While marijuana helps you relax, it also helps you have a better sleep at night. It frees your mind from the negative thoughts and would make you have a peaceful rest.


3. It makes you happy


Marijuana helps your body release endorphins which are responsible for improving your mood. This is one of the most favored effects of marijuana. ‘Laughing trip’ as they call it, could help you lessen the stress and would make you feel better while you are under the effect of the herb.


4. It helps you breathe


Taking deep breaths is one way to manage your stress level. With the help of marijuana, your lung capacity would increase and would make your breathing improve. Contradictory to what other people might think, marijuana can help the functionality of your lungs.


5. It relieves pain


Some stress could be caused by various pains in different parts of the body. Marijuana has an anti-inflammatory property that helps in reducing the aches and pains that the body might be feeling. This also works for chronic pains caused by arthritis or injuries and even pains that you feel after surgery and during chemotherapy. Although Marijuana has more benefits other than just relieving stress, it is important to know that the dosage of your intake should be regulated. Abuse of the plant can lead to more serious illnesses and even addiction. If you are in Canada and would want to know the best Canadian medical marijuana dispensary near you, click here.

Pomeranian Husky Review: What Is Good and What Is Bad About Them

5Pomeranian Husky or Pomsky is probably one of the cutest, cuddly, fluffy, and playful dog you will find. Also, with its size from 15 to 30 pounds, you can never resist taking one and bring it home. But are you sure that Pomsky is the right dog for you? To help you find out if a Pomsky if right for you here are the pros and cons of having one.

The Pros:

  • They are adorable

Pomsky is so adorable, even for a non-dog lover, they could never resist smiling when they see one, especially when they are still pups. This is probably one of the reasons why these dogs are in demand and can be very expensive. How can they look so adorable? You are probably asking that. Well, that is because of their parent’s genes – the Siberian Husky and Pomeranian. Most of the Pomskies get their handsome appearances from their Husky parent and their cute size from Pomeranian. However, the appearance may change, depending on the dominant genes.

  • They are intelligent

Siberian Huskies are one of the smartest dogs; in fact, they are one of the most beloved companions since they are known for their intelligence, sense of humor, and eagerness. Thus, Pomskies have acquired such intelligence due to their parent’s traits. In fact, Pomskies are popular not only because of their playfulness but also because of their intelligence.

  • They are alert

Despite their playfulness, Pomeranian huskies are great alarm dogs; this is probably because they have taken such temperament from their parent dog – the Huskies. Huskies are known to be overly protective and suspicious of strangers and even with aggressive dogs. So, if you find them doing some strange thing like barking out of nowhere, this is probably because their keen alertness has detected danger.

The Cons:

  • They are expensive

The fact that they are considered designer dogs, you will find average Pomsky costs $1000 and up. So, if you are planning to buy one, do not get surprised if you will find one that costs more than a thousand dollars. Additionally, raising one can be very expensive, because you need to maintain their fur and their health too.

  • They shed a lot of furs

If you are allergic to fur, this dog is not right for you because they shed a lot of fur than the other dogs. The fact that Pomskies are born with double fur, you might find several of them anywhere inside your house.

  • They can be very playful

Pomskies are innately playful, which is a characteristic taken from their parent dog – the Pomeranian. Although most Pomeranian is afraid of strangers, they can be very playful if they get to know their human. So, do not get surprised if you see a Pomsky who is active, loves to get attention and your things with their bite marks. Pomskies are indeed adorable but can be very playful too. If you think you are ready to get one of these despite its pros and cons, why not visit Pomeranian-Husky website now.


Crashplan Far From Crashing

Crashplan Far From Crashing

Some people may wonder if cloud storage is the right option for you. A lot of people are afraid that their information will be compromised in some way. The fact is if you don’t use some type of cloud storage then you are putting your data and saved files at risk. It is much safer to keep your files in a safe storage that is password protected and can only be accessed by you. So you are probably wondering which route you should go and what program you should choose. There are a number of them available no matter what it is you are seeking and no matter what your budget is. Here are a few different options available to those of you who might still be a little unsure as to whether or not cloud storage is the right option for you.

CrashPlan is very economical in their prices and are one of the few providers that offers a family plan to back-up up to ten computer systems on one account. That is great, if you actually have ten computer systems in order to back-up to one account it would then be a great deal. The reality is although most people don’t possess ten computer systems and the CrashPlan family plan is not as affordable because several accounts occasionally.

SOS online backup is a good option for those who need something simple to work with as well as something that will fit within their budget. You can use SOS online back up on more than one computer as well as back up documents on external devices. You are then provided with a link that contains all of your files. None of these files are ever deleted and always archived. This is also a good option for individuals who are looking for unlimited file space. SOS online backup works on your typical PC and also on Mac. This service archives any newer version of one of your files so you do not lose any of the edits. They also provide applications for Apple and Android devices. You can get unlimited storage for $7.99 a month.

With SOS online’s latest version they have made it much simpler for its users. SOS Online Backup 5.0 has improved their backup for Facebook, iPhone and Mac support, and made their PC setup process much easier. It is extremely intuitive and is easy even for the beginner to use. One account alone takes care of all of the computers in your home and can back up via network and external drives. Another plus is that there is a version available for Mac which is very hard to come by these days. They have made so many improvements with their program that $7.99 is almost a steal for all that value that you are receiving with the purchase. In fact they have just changed their pricing to $9.95 a month and for 5 PCs and 50GB of data.

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Pogoplug The Print From Anywhere Hero

Pogoplug The Print From Anywhere Hero

Some people may wonder if cloud storage is the right option for you. A lot of people are afraid that their information will be compromised in some way. The fact is if you don’t use some type of cloud storage then you are putting your data and saved files at risk. It is much safer to keep your files in a safe storage that is password protected and can only be accessed by you. So you are probably wondering which route you should go and what program you should choose. There are a number of them available no matter what it is you are seeking and no matter what your budget is. Here are a few different options available to those of you who might still be a little unsure as to whether or not cloud storage is the right option for you.

One exceptional option is Pogoplug. Pogoplug allows you to keep all of your photos in one safe storage area to use whenever you need them. All you have to do is download the Pogoplug application to any of your devices and you are all set to go! One of the major perks to this cloud storage application is that they offer unlimited photo and video backup for a low price of $49.95 a year. Backing up your photos insures safety of those treasured family photos that you simply do not want to lose. This is the best choice for families on a tight budget but in need of a reliable cloud storage program.

Most people are curious to know how secure their data is going to be on Pogoplug. Your files are saved onto you own hard drive and remains save with you and backups are not kept by Pogoplug. Pogoplug also doesn’t save any of your password information so that also remains secure. They use the same protocol of encryption as a bank would to protect your financial information. They recommend that if you are looking for added security then you should encrypt the files yourself and Pogoplug will store those encrypted files.

One great option for cloud storage is Backblaze. You can have unlimited storage cloud usage for $5 a month. You can back up data via an external hard drive and it will cost you nothing extra. It is completely secure and encrypted and gives you the option to back up your data via your mobile device with your easy to use Backblaze app.  This is a wonderful option for those of you who would like to take your documents with you wherever you go. This is also a good cloud storage option for Mac computers as well.

No matter what you choose make sure that the pros outweigh the cons and that the security is up to your standards.

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Students With Credit Cards: Is It Safe?

Students With Credit Cards: Is It Safe?

Being a student is a big responsibility. Not only are dropped in an alien environment and forced to adapt, but it’s your first real experience at what it’s like in the “real world”. Now that you’re outside of high school, your parents aren’t going to be doing all your shopping for you. You have to learn how to manage yourself financially, and for many, this is a really big task. Credit cards is a hot topic that most students will have to sit on for a while before they make a decision. Many students choose to shy away from credit cards fearing that they are not quite responsible enough for them, but in reality there are lots of students out there that are responsible enough for a credit card. But is it safe?

One of the worst things that can happen to a credit card owner is going into debt. This is a common occurrence for students who are new to the way credit cards work, but it’s one that should never happen. Know ahead of time what you’re getting yourself into and exactly how much you’re going to be using the credit card. Keeping regular maintenance on your balance is a must if you’re going to use your credit card often, but also stay out of debt. Paying your bills on time is combined with this as well.

Another bad thing that happens a lot with students who have credit cards is credit card fraud. Leaving your card, forgetting it somewhere, or loaning to a friend are things you have to avoid. Students are primary targets for credit card scandals and frauds, so make sure to be aware of this.

While this might make having a credit card seem like a giant burden, it doesn’t have to be. If you are a responsible person who stays on top of your financial situation, then credit cards can be such a resourceful tool! A student’s life is full, fast-paced, and very busy, but having a credit card can make it so much easier. Another great thing that can make your life easier is Amazon Prime. Amazon is the alpha-male in terms of online retail, but ever since they have announced their new and improved Amazon Prime, a premium membership to Amazon, they have exploded into even a bigger force. They cut their prices, and the best thing about it is that they cut it even more for students. If you are a student, then Amazon Prime and all of it’s incredible perks are available to you for even less than the standard customer!

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Do’s And Don’ts When Traveling With Credit Cards

Do’s And Don’ts When Traveling With Credit Cards

It’s best to know how to use a credit card before applying for one. This helps users avoid high interest rates, late fees and stolen credit cards. Unfortunately, using one can be a double-edged sword – while it may help with finances and boost credit scores, having one can easily damage the financial stability we so heavily rely on. By knowing how to use a credit card beneficially we do not have to dread monthly statements. When it comes to traveling there are a few things to learn and to avoid as to not put ourselves or our loved ones in any dangerous situation.

While traveling, it’s best not to use credit cards for everyday purchases. Avoid using them for gas or food as expenses can add up and hike up monthly statements. A great way to avoid spending too much is by not having the card with you when you are likely to make basic purchases.  It’s often that when we are traveling we are more likely to buy things that we cannot afford. This is dangerous because it is an easy way to go into debt. Go shopping with the state of mind that if you cannot purchase the item now with cash, it is likely that you won’t be able to buy it a few weeks from now. Also, think about whether or not you need the item versus want the item. By learning how to use a credit card the right way cardholders can recognize whether or not it is a want or necessity before the purchase is made.

One of the best ways to protect your identity and money is by notifying the cardholder that you will be going out of town. Most card issuers have software that can identify whether or not the activity is fraudulent. By providing the issuer with traveling information and giving them a ‘heads-up’ it will make them aware of your location and remind them to monitor spending activity. If there are any outrageous purchases or items that are made in a different location it is an immediate red flag to the issuer. This will help users avoid having to wait for the company to look into the situation to verify whether or not it is, indeed, fraudulent.

There are many credit cards that offer traveling perks and rewards. If you are buying something expensive such as an airline ticket or rental car it’s worth looking into the issuer to see whether or not you can benefit from using the card to make the purchase. A great way to make sure that you are not the victim of identity theft is by keeping all of your cards in different places. This will ensure that you have various payment methods to use in case your wallet is, in fact, stolen. It’s also a great idea to make a copy of your identification cards for safety and traveling purposes.

Ensure that you limit the withdrawals you make at foreign ATM machines. It’s likely that travelers go to various locations and use different ATMs. Keep in mind that the places that you withdrawal money from might not be within your network. The charges to pull money out can be much greater than those of your local ATM. Before leaving for your destination, search for a business that allows you to pull cash out without the high fees to avoid unnecessary charges. (It’s also wise to ask about currency conversion fees before arriving at your traveling destination.)

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Top Schools In Occupational Therapy And Veterinary Education!

Top Schools In Occupational Therapy And Veterinary Education

Occupations in the medical world are infamously known for the long and grueling years of additional education that are needed in order to be qualified. This is mostly because lots of skills, expertise, and knowledge are mandatory for this positions. Not all of it is book work though, the majority of the time spent preparing you is done during hands-on clinical programs. These clinical programs allow you a chance to work with actual live patients rather than the dummies in the class room. Getting a taste for what a typical day in your given line of work is like first hand can be a fantastic way to not only just educate students, but also motivate aspiring medical professionals! With that being said, there is a lot of  decision that goes into deciding where to get your schooling. What you’re going into is going to highly motivate your decision (at least it should).

I recommend doing lots and lots of research, looking at tuition cost, and going an extensive look into what the programs are like. Another great tip that I wish I would’ve done was to contact someone who has traveled down the same path that you would like to go down. For instance, if you’re interested in going into occupational therapy, you should locate an occupational therapist who is relatively young and ask them where they went for school. The same goes for someone like a veterinarian. Who knows maybe you might be interested in the course and study but not so much living the life of that role. For example, you might be fascinated with veterinary work, but you don’t actually want to be a veterinarian. This where you could look at what going into veterinary education would be like.

Whatever you end up on deciding on, it’s important that you go through a good school. Schools are known for different programs and so it’s important you attend a school that is good at what you’re planning on going into. To relate to the previous examples of occupational therapy and veterinary education, there are schools out there that are known for being fantastic schools for aspiring occupational therapists, and there are schools known for being great for those interested in veterinary education.

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What Cities Have The Best Music

What Cities Have The Best Music

If you ask the question about which city has the best music the answer is going to depend entirely on where you are in the country. Of course, everyone thinks their city is the best for (fill in the blank) kind of music.

For the rock scene, San Francisco has always been a great town. Rockers from the city by the bay include Jefferson Starship (formerly Jefferson Airplane) and the iconic Grateful Dead. The city of Boston has turned out such rock bands as Aerosmith, Godsmack, and of course Boston. The city of Los Angeles has been home to many bands throughout the years including Audioslave, The Black Eyed Peas, Jane’s Addiction, and Metallica.

Today a city such as Ft. Worth, Texas which is home to Billy Bob’s, the largest honky tonk joint in the world is attracting new talent. Ft. Worth is a beautiful city that ranks high on the walk-ability scale, and is only about 40 miles from Denton, TX which is home to 35 Denton a 4-day music festival. Another Texas city that is becoming well known for their eclectic music scene is Austin. From the Carnaval Brasileiro with a Brazilian atmosphere to the Austin City Limits Music Festival in October featuring country, rock, folk, and indie music you’re sure to find music to fit your particular vibe.

Chicago, Illinois is another city that has a hopping music scene. One of the great things about this city is the diversity of music; there’s everything from classical, jazz, country, rock, and of course the blues. The downtown area is not very large but has wall-to-wall clubs, concert venues, the opera house, the symphony and several park areas where concerts are held. Add to that the theatre district, museums, the many great restaurants, Michigan Avenue for shopping and you’ve got one great destination city.

For lovers of indie music Asheville, North Carolina should be on your list. A lovely city located among the trees and hills of North Carolina, Asheville is known for their eclectic music as well as their friendly people. There are drum circles held downtown every Friday night, outdoor concerts sponsored by the Biltmore House, and a celebration of Appalachian mountain culture with their Shindig on the Green. There’s plenty of shopping, restaurants and guided tours to please the tourist in everyone.

If you are someone who loves music but is not necessarily interested in becoming a musician or a singer there are still career choices available that can incorporate a love of music. By obtaining a degree in music one could chose to help others by becoming a music therapist. If you love to write becoming a songwriter could be of interest. If you are into computers there are careers available in the music industry such as a sound engineer or a music sequencer. If an individual finds management to their liking becoming a musicians personal manager could be possible, as could becoming a music publisher, a booking agent, or an advertising executive.

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