Choice of Food Can Help Improve Dental Health

Choice of Food Can Help Improve Dental Health

Effective oral and dental care is not just about regular brushing of teeth, or regular visit to the dentist. Sure, regular brushing of teeth is your foundation of a healthy set of teeth and dental health. But there’s more to improved dental health than tooth brushing and frequent dental check-ups. One important thing you can do is to watch what you eat. By watching what you eat and put in your mouth, you can promote better dental health and even prevent certain diseases.

What Food to Avoid

When you want to preserve that confident smile and you don’t want to experience the pain, then pay attention to the food that you eat. Some of the food and drinks that you should avoid include sticky candies and sweets, starchy food, carbonated soft drinks and substances that can dry your mouth. Sweets are guilty pleasures, and often used by many as a source of energy rush and inspiration. If you must eat your sweets, then choose those that will not stay long in your mouth. Say goodbye to caramels and lollipops if you want to protect your teeth. Starchy foods like potato chips and similar food items can get trapped in between the teeth. Soft drinks should be avoided as well since these carbonated drinks are loaded with sugar, and may contain citric and phosphoric acids that may wear down the tooth enamel.

Sometimes, the food that you should avoid will depend on your health condition. For example, if you have bruxism, or the grinding of the teeth, certain foods are not recommended. Bruxism refers to the grinding of the teeth, and usually happens when sleeping. According to experts, bruxism is linked to a variety of factors including stress. Although there are different reasons for bruxism, experts suggest one solution comes in the form of responsible choice of food.

According to experts, individuals who are suffering from bruxism should avoid or at least reduce the consumption of drinks and foods that contain caffeine. This means limiting the intake of coffee and carbonated drinks, and reducing the amount of chocolates consumed. Excessive drinking of alcohol should be avoided as well. Teeth grinding normally intensifies after excessive consumption of alcohol. Avoid chewing on items like pencils since your muscles will get used to the grinding of the teeth.

What Food to Eat and Other Best Practices

If there are things to avoid, then it’s best to remember a few food recommendations and best practices. When it comes to the right diet for dental health, you can’t go wrong with fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. Instead of ordering carbonated drinks on your next dinner date, you may want to try out green and black tea. If you are already suffering from bruxism, or other teeth-related problems, then there are treatments that can be considered, including mouth guards. Mouth guards can help stop the pain and prevent further damage to your teeth.

What you put in your mouth will have a say about your dental health. Be responsible and know which food items to eat and avoid to ensure a healthy set of teeth, free from pain.

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