Cloud Storage: What Makes It Tick?


Cloud Storage: What Makes It Tick?

Have you heard of cloud storage? If so then you might be wondering how it works. What is the cloud? And how can someone take files off their device, put it somewhere else, and not have it stolen? Well, once you do a little bit of research, you’ll find that cloud storage is a pretty easy concept. Not just that though, but more and more people are finding cloud storage to be the right option for them. Do you have important or personal files on your device that you fear getting into the wrong hands? If so then you might want to consider putting it in the cloud so it’s safe in case your phone or computer gets stolen.

So “the cloud” is merely external serves away that is not in anyway related to your device. Generally companies will rent out or buy massive amounts of databases which they use for storage. These companies then rent them out, much like landlords, to people who need extra space. Most smartphones come with a very limited amount of space which explains why more and more people are syncing their smartphones up to the cloud to store their files. But it’s not too often you can do this for free; generally you’ll have to go through a provider where you can purchase a set amount of gigabytes of storage for a rate. Two of the most well known cloud storage providers to date are Crashplan and Carbonite.

If you want to get into cloud storage, you should take a look at these two providers. These aren’t the only two providers out there though, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of cloud storage providers out there that all have their own different strengths and weaknesses. When comparing Crashplan and Carbonite, a very clear difference comes out right away and that is simplicity. If you find yourself constantly having to resort to manuals and/or online FAQs to figure out certain softwares, then Crashplan is not the provider for you. Crashplan has a very extensive interface meant for consistent Crashplan users who know the lingo and are already familiar with Crashplan. Carbonite on the other hand has a much more simple and straightforward design. Even though both of these providers aren’t known for their speed, Carbonite seems to have the better pricing though. But don’t take my word for it, go out there shop on your own to find the best cloud storage provider for you!

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