Discovering a musical talent in our young adventurous son

musician 3My young son from a very early age began showing the telltale signs of one day becoming a great musician. He was but a few months old when we realized that he would often be busy trying to make some music. He had not yet learnt to speak when he started singing. From the time when he discovered his voice, he begun making sounds that me and my wife immediately recognized as being inclined to some kind of a melody although a rather unrefined one.

When he first heard music, we realized that he could immediately pick out the tune of the music and try to sing it out with his untrained voice. This was a great source of amusement for us. His parroting of songs led us to buy some infant music that he would like. He adored the music. Often we would have to play the music in the house hour after hour. If the music stopped for a second our infant boy would raise a terrible tantrum that would force us to turn on the music again. His exhaustion was our only relief from the music.

Many times my boy’s choice of musical instrument was a spoon. It did not matter what he used the spoon against.

It happened that he discovered the musical properties of a spoon one day when he was being fed on a paste that he was not particularly enjoying. As he grudgingly struggled to eat the food, he had subconsciously started hitting on the dish he was eating from. The sound fascinated him a great deal and a new musical device was discovered.

Unfortunately he tried the spoon on everything including the table, the floor, and even his food. When he eventually decided to try it even on our faces, we decided that maybe we should get him some musical instrument. We decided to buy for him a digital piano for beginners that was specially made for kids such as him. It was tough and could not be damaged by the rough treatment it could expect from the youngling. It also had various sounds that would fascinate the toddler.

Our son received the piano with a lot of enthusiasm. The music that had been a constant in the house could at last be switched off; we now had new music to listen to.

At first the sound from our sons piano playing was horrendous. My wife and I are not musically gifted in any way so we could not provide any help but let our son do whatever pleased him. After a few days, we were surprised when we realized that despite not being very refined, our son’s piano playing had some sort of melody to it. This was amazing.

This is when we realized that our son could one day be a huge music star. I could imagine him one day playing greatly amplified music to a huge crowd and people wildly applauding him. I decided that I would enroll him to a music school for children when he grew a little bit older.

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