Dishwasher Detergent: The Buying Guide

4Most homes and restaurants around the world are already using dishwashers to clean utensils in a faster and more convenient manner. Generally speaking, in order to make these appliances work, people should use dishwashing detergents. Since these appliances have been introduced, dishwasher detergents have also been manufactured.


As the name suggests, dishwasher detergents are products that have been specially made to be used in dishwashers to maintain the quality of the appliance without compromising the cleanliness of the utensils. Since these products are becoming saleable, many companies have started producing their own versions. With that in mind, it has been hard for people to choose the best dishwasher detergents on the market.


Fortunately, this article will be discussing the important factors that people should look into when buying dishwashing detergents.


Product Components


Since the introduction of dishwasher detergents, more manufacturers have started improving their brands when it comes to their components. One thing is that phosphates have long been used in the production of these items. However, as people become more environmentally conscious, they have discovered that such are capable of causing harm to nature by producing algal blooms. Thus, it is recommended that people choose phosphate-free brands.


Similarly, bleaching agents are incorporated in dishwashing detergents for them to be able to remove stains on utensils left by food remnants. Since chlorine is the most common compound that can do such task, it has been incorporated in many dishwashing detergents. However, people should be aware that this compound will shorten the life of plastic-based utensils. A good option for such will be detergents that use oxygen-based bleaching substances.


In general, dishwashing detergents contain alkali salts, which are known to be toxic when ingested. Although the possibility of such being deposited on utensils is extremely low, people should still make sure that they choose products that contain 2% or less of these substances.




It is a known fact that dishwashing detergents contain chemicals that will pose danger to humans when swallowed as is. Such incident is possible especially in homes that have children occupants. Although storing the products in high places that cannot be reached by children is an obvious solution, the possibility of such falling is still a consideration. Taking such into consideration, some manufacturers have considered making their products “child-friendly” by incorporating special sealing techniques. They are the ones that are tricky to open that children won’t be able to figure out. Although such may be inconvenient for adults, safety is still the number one factor.




Indeed, dishwasher detergents are dishwasher-friendly and some may wonder why this is even part of the factors. That is because there are brands that have components that can deposit limescale and other compounds, as well as introduce rust that can damage the appliance in the long run. Hence, it is important to consider those that have anti-corrosive components.




With the information given above, hopefully, people will now be able to narrow down their dishwasher detergent choices. They are the products that are safe to use and handle, as well as those that will not damage the appliance.

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