Engineering: A Career In High Gear

Engineering Students

When it comes to choosing a great career, you want to find something that allows you freedom and flexibility. Both industrial manufacturing engineering and fashion merchandising hit this mark very well. This is because both of these fields have a wealth of career opportunities and there are many sectors within these fields that you can pursue a job in. There is a lot of room for advancement in each field so that you never have to worry about getting bored to ending up with a stale career.

Looking at the Engineering Fields that Are in the Highest Demand

It is no secret that engineering jobs are in high demand and there are many different fields within engineering. One of the biggest right now is the field of industrial engineering. This field requires that you have highly specialized knowledge so that you are able to get the job done right.

To get started in industrial engineering, you need at least a four-year degree from a well-recognized school. When you start searching, you will find dozens of options and this can make it so hard to make the right decision. Focus your search on the best industrial engineering colleges and you are sure to get the education that you need to get started in this field. These schools include the following:

  1. Georgia Institute of Technology, Main Campus
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  3. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  4. Stanford University
  5. Northwestern University
  6. University of California, Berkeley

Career Options for Those with a Fashion Merchandising Degree

When you have a career in fashion merchandising, you get to use a combination of business and design to do your job. You get to be hands-on with the latest fashions and decide how to present them to the world. The key to this field is that you need to find a niche within it that you love and focus on this to develop your career.

Whether you prefer to focus more on the design element of fashion merchandising, or you like the business side of things, you need to get your degree from a good university. Since there are so many options, consider the following schools that are well-known for offering high-quality two-year degrees in fashion merchandising:

  1. City College of San Francisco
  2. Houston Community College System
  3. Miami Dade College
  4. College of Dupage
  5. Brigham Young University
  6. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

You have now learned about how exciting and versatile both industrial manufacturing engineering and fashion merchandising are. Whether you are more of a math and science person or you prefer the arts and business, these fields will allow you to cater to your interests and use your talents to make a living. Both fields offer respectable starting salaries and you can find jobs in both fields all over the country. Once you know more about the career options, it is easier to start and pull off a successful job search.

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