Good Credit can Fly

Good Credit can Fly

The modern society has simplified the way we do a lot of things; the way we talk and communicate, the way we travel, the way we eat, and even the way we sleep. All these activities are convenient thanks to the masterminds who discovered a little something called the credit card. Now, we all know there are several companies that offer credit cards out there. Because of this stiff competition, we now have offers made on credit cards. These offers are very useful if only you know how to make them count for your own good. Well, this article is meant to give you the knowledge you need so that next time you have a credit card that offers travel miles; you’ll actually know how to use it.

This is how you do it folks!

Now, before you go ahead to use the advantages offered by travel miles, you might want to know what your credit card rewards can do for you. Say I have signed up for a credit card with Virgin Atlantic I do not have the luxury to enjoy the services offered by American Airlines. Why? All these might be U.S. carriers but the existence of the word competition nullifies the benefits. What does this mean? As much as both the Virgin Atlantic and American Airlines will offer you huge bonus points on sign-ups, the use of these travel points is limited only to the respective companies. You, therefore, need to ensure you get a credit card that offers you flexibility. All the same there’s just much you can do with your credit card offered travel miles.

  • Use them to pay for your flights; traveling with airplanes can be quite a hassle if you have a limited financial budget. The best way is to make use of airline branded credit cards. These offer huge bonuses on points depending on the number of purchases you make. You can convert these points to travel miles and travel for free.
  • You can pay for accommodation; look for hotels that have bonus points on sign-ups; otherwise you could actually convert your points to a one night stay in a hotel of your liking.
  • You can also use your travel miles to pay for the food, visit attraction sites or acquire transportation in a foreign city or town. All, you have to do, is tap into the life and benefits of travel miles offered through any credit card you may have.

Cash back credit cards are also a great way to earn something extra for using a hotel or an airline credit card. Just make sure you are familiar with the policies of these companies. The best way, to get the best out of any cash back rewards, is to make use of redemption values always redeem cash for cash, miles for miles and other cards for gift cards. Ensure you use your cash back rewards before they expire; some companies will render your points useless after a period of time.

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