Hooded Cat Litter Box: Is It Worth the Investment?


You may have heard enough pros and cons about hooded cat litter boxes. And now you have to decide whether you will buy this for your cat or not. Well, this post hopes to help you come up with the right decision. After all, the final purchasing decision will still be done by you.


After doing your research and you have concluded that this type of litter box is best for your cat then good for you! Deciding to buy it or not wouldn’t be that hard. However, if you have read negative comments about it but you strongly believe that this is what you need then you need a lot of thinking to do. After all, they may not be as bad as described by others.


If you already own one then you may just need to tweak its use a bit to justify the money that you have invested in it. If you found out late that your cat is too big for the box then better remove its cover to give more room for comfort. But how do you know if your cat finds the thing comfortable? Well, you know your pet better. You can discern of something is wrong. Hence, it’s all to you to discover.


As long as you have set up the hooded litter box properly and you know that it has the right size for your pet then it should be good to go. What’s left for you to do is to train your cat how to use the thing. And do your cat a favor, clean the litter box as often as you could to make sure that it does not stink inside, especially when your cat is using it. If you do well on this part, the problem on trapped odor can be resolved.


Sometimes, you might be dealing with something that is not really a problem at all. Some cats are okay with a closed toilet. In such case, there’s no need to worry much about it. However, take note that some cats are just very demanding. They would really require you to furnish them with a toilet that allows them to see what’s going on around them. You need to know that most cats that have a hard time using hooded cat litter boxes are the stressed ones, timid cats, and older cats. If you own more than one cat, you will have some issues with their territorial disagreements as well with the hooded type.


However, do not assume that there is no issue simply because you haven’t seen it. Some cats are forced to use covered litter boxes even if they are not comfortable using it. And remember that this is one fixture that your cat needs to go to every day! Some of the signs that your cat doesn’t like hooded types of litter boxes include meowing upon entrance as if it is hesitant to get in. The cat may also be spending a long time digging the litter or it may be peeing inside the box but part of its body remains outside. This and other symptoms need not be ignored. Remember that more than anything; your cat’s comfort is most important.

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