Is Technology A Friend Or Foe?

Physical Therapist

It is really amazing to see what technology has allowed us to do over the years. Technology is changing how medical professionals do their jobs and care for their patients. No matter what specific field that you choose, there are going to be changes that you will have to endure because of technology. We have in fact been blessed with new technologies but not only treat patients in a different way but have proved they can save lives. I am going to focus on how to become a nutritionist/dietician as well as a physical therapist and the new technologies that are available.

A nutritionist is an expert on food and human nutrition. Nutritionists usually have a Bachelor’s degree and are usually found in hospitals or other facilities planning meals for the residents and patients. Sometimes they work at schools to help children have nutritious meals at breakfast and at lunch.  A nutritionist has the potential to make upwards to $80,000 a year with their Bachelor’s degree and years of practicing nutrition. Computers and other modernized technologies have allowed nutritionists to build charts and choose the proper foods for their clients and go way beyond the food pyramid.

A physical therapist is a medical professional that assists patients in recovery after injuries or other illnesses. Through rehabilitative therapy a therapist can help the patient work through their pain and overcome any other physical obstacles. A physical therapist has the probability to make anywhere from $27.00 to $54.00 an hour or $112,000 a year.

There have been many technological advances to assist physical therapists in their goal of rehabilitating patients. We aren’t talking about crazy superhuman gadgets but real life technology that has changed thousands of lives. These advancements have improved a physical therapist’s ability to do their job adequately as well as the patient’s ability to become stronger at a much faster pace. One of these technologies is called the Ekso body suit. This helps individuals who are unable to walk up out of their wheelchairs and allow them to walk again.  This makes a physical therapist’s job even more rewarding because they get to watch miracles happen. People who thought they would never walk again are now doing just that.

This may sound silly but the Nintendo Wii has helped many people regain strength in rehabilitation. It creates a fun element to physical therapy while at the same time help stroke patients regain their abilities much faster. The patients soon regain their balance and are able to have fun while doing it.

What two rewarding career choices being a nutritionist or a physical therapist are! You have the ability to change lives and witness miracles in the process. Help people eat healthier for a better life and even walk again. Look what technology has done for these amazing careers.

Is Technology A Friend Or Foe Credit Picture License: ReSurge International via photopin cc

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