Morbidly Successful

Morbidly Successful

Death is a very trying and stressful time for everybody involved. Learning how to cope with it can be extremely difficult. During this time you want to be able to trust someone with the arrangements and not have to worry about that aspect of the funeral. It takes a very special kind of person to be able to deal with death on a regular basis. You must be sensitive to the family’s needs while also be technically qualified to perform the job with the best of them. Keep reading for more information about how to become a mortician.

A funeral director (mortician) directs funerals and involves themselves in all aspects of the preparation and aftermath.  They are required to know about cremation, burial, embalming, and many other tasks. This job requires you to be sensitive to a family’s needs being kind and gentle while also being technically capable. Morticians will always be needed because death is simply a part of life.

To become a funeral director you must attend mortician school and become licensed. One school that offers a one year Associate’s Degree program is The Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science and a Bachelor’s degree program to be completed in a year and a half. The training is very hands-on and it costs approximately $17,000 a year to attend this school. Worsham College is another option for morticians. The tuition is $18,000 yearly and they offer both Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in the field.

Morticians have a lot of tasks in which they are responsible for when running their own funeral home. These services they provide are very sensitive such as body removal, preparation of the body, as well as preparing the death certificate and legal documents involved. Their biggest job of all is to remain emotionally supportive to the family and friends. This is a difficult time for that family, so it is crucial to remember that at all times. This is something you either are born with or you are not. This part of the job cannot be taught and must be something brought to the table naturally.

Morticians are usually born into the career due to family. A lot of families keep funeral homes in the family. Even though you will still need to study the ways of the funeral home business, a lot of people simply learn from their families and people they work with. It is important that you are a kind and gentle person and these types of qualities cannot be taught. It takes a lot of technical skill as well as professionalism when it comes to handling death. You must always put yourself in their shoes and realize what a hard time this can be.

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