Music around the world

tommorowlandIt is a very common thing to hear music referred to as being the universal language of the world, but while that may be true, it would be much more accurate to explain further that the language is not a single block, but one that is broken down into several dialect that have their own unique properties and features, even though they are all based on the same premises and overriding attributes.

If one were to travel across the world and visit all the countries, one of the things that would be most striking is the extreme diversity of the music styles that are played and enjoyed by different peoples. All music is based on fundamental aspects like rhythm, pitch and tone, but the different ways in which they are combined and manipulated to form beautiful music is testament to the beauty that is present in human diversity.

In the United States of America, music has had a long evolutionary journey, even though one can still hear influences of the past in the music that is most popular today. In the past music genres like pop, rock, soul and a variety of others ruled the day, drawing a lot of listeners and giving rise to the term “rock star,” encapsulating the life of a music celebrity in those days. Today, one is more likely to find hip hop and rap tracks dominating the charts, but at the same time, blues, rock and other genres are still quite popular.

In the South Americas and the Caribbean, the popular genres of music are those to which the people can dance salsa, categorized by the swaying, undulating movements it encourages due to the arrangement of the mid-tempo instrumentals. Apart from those, Reggae and Reggaeton have always been particularly popular, especially among the younger population. This genres are categorized by their much faster rhythm, punchy lyrics and more energetic dances.

In Asia, there is a dominance of string and wind instruments, and the music is usually of a slower tempo, along with the singing, which is very often of a religious nature, Even when the music is not of a religious nature, it is often in a tempo and rhythm that can be said to be akin to the blues genre that is popular in the west. In some parts of Asia like Japan where there is a lot of Western influence, Hip Hop is beginning to gain a strong hold, especially among the young population of those countries.

In Europe, there is a wide variety of music due to the large number of countries present on the continent. From the blues in England to the wind instruments and heavy chanting of Irish music, the wide range of music that can be enjoyed by visitors to the continent cannot be matched by any other. Another continent with a very wide variety is Africa, where Juju and other olden genres have faded away, making room for Afro-Pop, which is a genre greatly influenced by Hip-Hop, Pop and other such genres.

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