Is Ipsos I Say the best?

Is Ipsos I Say the best?

There isn’t any age limit to affix Ipsos I-Say. When you are from the States and specify so on the sign up page, you’ll be introduced to a sign up page specific to your region. As the entire process can take a few moments, because you’ll be asked to answer some questions. The questions are just like what you’d normally answer during pre-survey.

Once you register, you’ll need to click the link within your confirmation email to activate your account. Unlike other survey sites which includes different offers for instance product trials or downloads, Ipsos I-Say strictly places focus on surveys. You’ll get emails for survey invites, based on regardless of if you qualify or possibly not. You also have a very dashboard when you log in that displays the surveys you’ll be able to take.

As with many other survey sites, you’ll first have to answer some qualifying questions. If you really don’t qualify, you’ll get 5 points for trying. It could take ages to locate surveys you be eligible for, however when you attempt, you’ll earn a lot more, like 45 or 90 points. On Ipsos I-Say, you’ll notice “Polls.” They’re not surveys and you don’t earn points from answering “yes” or “no” on those polls, but one interesting aspect of this is actually the Poll Predictor.

SendEarnings works differently in comparison with other survey sites for the reason that versus “points,” they reward you with cash. Psychologically speaking, it would discourage you to discover $0.50 earning per survey versus 50 points. They’re exactly the same value, but human minds operate in strange ways.

Good thing about Ebates is you get $5 simply for signing up. You furthermore may successfully finish a group of tasks for $0.50. So within 10 mins of registering, you might already earn more than $5.50. Wonderful deal for a few seconds of clicking. There are several tips you can generate income on SendEarnings. Some ways provide you with better ROI when compared to others, but they’re all to look out for to help you strategize better.

Offers range from free to trials. Some surveys also come under this category. Completing offers is certainly the very best and simplest way to earn cash on SendEarnings. These offers include:

Fill out household or interest’s surveys ($0.25 each) Join Opinion Square ($3.00) Enroll in Summer Samples ($0.50) Enroll in Creditera, totally free credit-monitoring agency ($2.00) SendEarnings does a good job of categorizing the types of offers by freely available, trial offers, survey offers, or Groupon. If you’re wary of spending money to get points, which can be counter-productive, you’ll be able to stick to entirely free offers and you’d still do well on SendEarnings.

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Survey Taking with My Survey

Survey Taking with My Survey

Provides rewards such as direct cash, PayPal transfers, Amazon gift cards along with other gift cards (as many as 63 available gift card options). Uses a point based system which can be later converted into cash as well as other prizes. Processing space for payments are approximately 4-8 weeks’ dependent upon the reward method. Needs minimum redemption balance (or cash-out) of $10 (or points) The common survey pay-out ranges from $0.5 to $1.25. Surveys vary lengthy along with their short surveys lasting for around less than 5 minutes each (or comparable to 10 points). Their standard surveys are valued at usually around 1000 points. Offers fun and interesting surveys to get done with. PrizeRebel is typically a website in which you get rewarded for performing various online activities.

MySurvey can be an online paid survey website which could trace its origins to the National Family Opinion (NFO) organization developed in 1946. Originally, the NFO collected opinions via the postal service and from telephone. In 2001, NFO launched MySurvey’s site to both digitize and expand its survey taking reach worldwide. In 2010, MySurvey was taken over by Lightspeed Research (a world provider of custom market research and analysis). Apart from MySurvey, Lightspeed operates other online panels specializing on specific industries and categories. Both MySurvey and Lightspeed share precisely the same rewards program through

In 2012, in accordance with MySurvey’s own site, it rewarded a little more than $15,108,454 to its worldwide members. Today, without doubt it is one of the most trusted and reputable investigating online panels on the internet. This site succeeds where a great deal of other fail in simply letting the survey taker are aware of what’s intending to give out one of the best and soonest. The issue? The higher end surveys be short of surprisingly quickly and that means you have to stay really on top of new offers.

Swagbucks – The most renowned online marketing and survey research companies, Swagbucks has risen to a new level of popularity through social websites. Getting surveys and completing tasks is through a number of the ways to earn “swagbucks” which then suggest either cash or prizes. One of the most refreshing reasons for Swagbucks is the promise keeping almost everything above the belt. Whereas quite a lot of the shadier survey companies won’t be up front with how they distribute or benefit from your data, Swagbucks lets you understand exactly where it’s going to be sent. Plus, a good setup, minimalist design, and timely customer service, Swagbucks has definitely succeed as one of one’s crowd favorites.

All of these sites are great survey sites that are easy to make money from.

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Music: Fake it till you make it

Music: Fake it till you make it

Musicians don’t only just perform on stage, they also work behind the scenes and help to create amazing music. Some even get the opportunity to play music over the radio to people in their area. So if you love music but don’t really want to be in the spot light, there are a lot of opportunities available to you. You could study to be a music producer or disc jockey, and never have to be in front of a live audience.

Music Producer

A Music Producer is a specialized form of Executive Producer. Also known as: Record Producer, Executive Music Producer.

A music producer (or an executive music producer) is someone who makes sure that when recording a song or making a record, the ending result is nearly as good as it can be. She or he will ensure that a song is well produced and nicely recorded. It could mean giving the band or vocalist advice as it pertains to particular areas of their performance, or making sure the engineer is doing his job the easiest way possible.

A music producer is well-rounded, and comprehends all facets of studio production in regards to voices and instruments create recordable sound. The job might be as passive as simply listening and nodding approval, or as involved as placing microphones correctly and running a soundboard. A music producer is very similar as a director in a film, overseeing every detail and each together with the hope of creating a potential hit.

Disc Jockey

A disc jockey is liable for many jobs according to position and their workplace in the music business. In a radio station, a disc jockey is to blame for playing tracks from a set playlist that’s provided to them by station management. This playlist will most likely target a specific audience and music genre. Also, a radio station disc jockey accounts for answering calls.

These calls may be the result of station competition, an artist interview, or merely to comment on the choices being played. The disc jockey is in charge of interviews conducted with musicians of the genre selected by the radio station, as well as being responsible for declaring advertisements in accordance with the stations set programming requirements. It is a very fun job but takes a lot of hard work and dedication for those who pursue it.


Both of these careers are great choices for individuals who love and have a passion for music. Before you get your degree, make sure you do plenty of research on the school you wish to attend and make sure they can offer you exactly what you need to obtain your degree.

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Living a Musical Life

Living a Musical Life

If you are looking to become a disc jockey on the radio, then there are quite a few career options for you available all over the country. A disc jockey is someone who runs the equipment that plays music over the airwaves. You get to play music for everyone to hear and use your communication skills to communicate to your audience. It can be fun but it can also be a lot of work. Here are some more details about pursuing a disc jockey career.

Disc Jockey Salary

Disc jockeys, also referred to as DJs, can find employment across a spectrum of jobs. As such, their wages are dependent on the kind of work they do. DJs work for companies or can manage independently as freelance employees.

DJs can locate work in upscale or modern eateries, clubs and pubs, the wedding business and lounges, and on the radio. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $16, 590 top 10 percent earned more than $72,500.

Nightclub and wedding DJs can bring in more in relation to the median annual wage, including radio announcers. Many work part time although some disc jockeys work full time.

Disc Jockeys on the Radio

Jobs as radio disc jockeys are difficult to obtain. Classes in broadcast journalism at a college or technical school, in addition to classes in English, music, public speaking and play, can provide the applicant a competitive advantage. More money is made by radio disc jockeys in bigger cities than smaller ones.

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of occupations for radio DJs is anticipated to drop through 2018 due to the dwindling number of new radio stations. There is stiff competition for these occupations as could be anticipated.

Wedding DJs

The typical nightly wage to get a wedding DJ ranged from $800 to $2,000 in 2012, according to This would normally include between four and six hours of announcing and playing, together with time before and following the big event to set up and tear down.

Wedding disc jockeys also spending some time using their customers to plan the occasion and make the playlist that is desired. These places are found in wedding DJ companies, although regularly DJs become freelance artists, who then must buy their own sound equipment, too as a few optional equipment like lighting and fog machines.

Although the nightly wage for wedding DJs is high, most work part time and must locate additional employment.


The typical hourly wage for a club, lounge or restaurant DJ fluctuates according to venue and the location. An average wages for a club DJ to get a nightly set, depending on expertise as well as reputation, ranged from $500 to $1,000 in 2012, according to, a money and monetary site.

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Morbidly Successful

Morbidly Successful

Death is a very trying and stressful time for everybody involved. Learning how to cope with it can be extremely difficult. During this time you want to be able to trust someone with the arrangements and not have to worry about that aspect of the funeral. It takes a very special kind of person to be able to deal with death on a regular basis. You must be sensitive to the family’s needs while also be technically qualified to perform the job with the best of them. Keep reading for more information about how to become a mortician.

A funeral director (mortician) directs funerals and involves themselves in all aspects of the preparation and aftermath.  They are required to know about cremation, burial, embalming, and many other tasks. This job requires you to be sensitive to a family’s needs being kind and gentle while also being technically capable. Morticians will always be needed because death is simply a part of life.

To become a funeral director you must attend mortician school and become licensed. One school that offers a one year Associate’s Degree program is The Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science and a Bachelor’s degree program to be completed in a year and a half. The training is very hands-on and it costs approximately $17,000 a year to attend this school. Worsham College is another option for morticians. The tuition is $18,000 yearly and they offer both Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in the field.

Morticians have a lot of tasks in which they are responsible for when running their own funeral home. These services they provide are very sensitive such as body removal, preparation of the body, as well as preparing the death certificate and legal documents involved. Their biggest job of all is to remain emotionally supportive to the family and friends. This is a difficult time for that family, so it is crucial to remember that at all times. This is something you either are born with or you are not. This part of the job cannot be taught and must be something brought to the table naturally.

Morticians are usually born into the career due to family. A lot of families keep funeral homes in the family. Even though you will still need to study the ways of the funeral home business, a lot of people simply learn from their families and people they work with. It is important that you are a kind and gentle person and these types of qualities cannot be taught. It takes a lot of technical skill as well as professionalism when it comes to handling death. You must always put yourself in their shoes and realize what a hard time this can be.

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Giving a Hand to Left Handed Students

Giving a Hand to Left Handed Students

Journalism is one of the best fields with a very promising career. In order to gather process and present the information in a viable manner journalist needs to make sure that their academic and practical background is well managed from the very beginning. The best institution should therefore be chosen to polish the abilities. Each and every university of the USA has a journalism school or department that provides state of the art facilities to the students so that they could be groomed professionally.

The most renowned institution is Columbia University that is also affordable. It has been ranked as the 4th best institution in this regard offering journalism and communications specializations to bachelor students. Then it is the University of California that is also known for the workshops and seminars that are conducted for the students to give a deep insight and also to make sure that they get to know those terminologies that are applied practically.

According to US news and world report the University of Missouri has been regarded as among the 50 best universities that provide knowledge in relation to journalism. All the mentioned institutions also offer the doctorate degree in the field in combination with hands on experience. Different news agencies are also contacted by these institutions so that the practical knowledge can also be transferred to the students by those professionals who are regarded as experts of the field.

Scholarships as well as grants are really important to make sure that the rising education expenses are catered in a smart manner. According to the recent survey in this regard the expenses are on rise and aggregate increase in educational expenses is 8% per annum. There are several avenues which make sure that the best is provided to the students so that they never face any issue in relation to journalism degree. The most renowned program is FAFSA also known as Federal Application for Federal Student Aid that takes into consideration the family income of the student to determine the value that a family could bear. Rest of the expenses is born by the government directly which includes a package such as student loan, college & travelling expenses and institutional scholarships.

The Pell Grant is a renowned financial aid for the student that is capped at $5500 per school year. This grant is not to be returned and therefore the students falling in this category get 100% waiver from the organization. Financial aid is important to those students who need financial assistance in order to study toward the career goal of their choice. With these options you can pursue a variety of options and get access to top schools and universities throughout the U.S.

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Truly Elevated Career Choices

Truly Elevated Career Choices

Do you love using your imagination to plan and design new things down to the last detail? Do you dream of innovating on a daily basis – and getting paid for it? If your answer to the above questions is a resounding “yes”, then it is time for you to consider becoming an aerospace engineer or an architect, depending on where your interests lie.

One of the best paying professions in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), aerospace engineering is a coveted niche within the broader field of engineering. It contains the overlapping branches of astronautical and aeronautical engineering, involving the design and construction of aircraft and spacecraft. Aerospace engineers harness their advanced knowledge of robotics, aerodynamics, mechanics, and thermodynamics to craft civil and military aircraft, weapons systems, space exploration vehicles, satellites, and rockets and missiles. They must make sure the consumer’s needs are met, high safety standards are upheld, costs are reduced, and negative environmental impact is reduced. As an aerospace engineer, you will be engaged in multiple functions such as research and development, production, testing, analysis, etc. You will also probably specialize in a sub-field, such as robotics, propulsion systems, guidance and control systems, aerodynamics, etc. Budding aerospace engineers need to earn at least a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering; a master’s degree is needed for jobs in research or education. The US is home to a number of top aerospace engineering schools, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Texas A & M University, Princeton University, and California Institute of Technology.

Aerospace engineering is an extremely lucrative career option, with the median annual salary estimated at USD 103,720 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, employment in this field will grow much slower than the average for all occupations: a rise of only seven percent is predicted between 2012 and 2022. While job growth will be driven by national defense needs and the effort to improve fuel efficiency and decrease noise pollution, many of the manufacturing industries that employ aerospace engineers will grow slowly. Those who can use collaborative engineering tools, are trained in computational fluid dynamics software, or are comfortable with simulation, robotics, and modeling will have good job opportunities. It is critical to keep pace with the latest technologies.

If you interests lie on earth rather than in space, then architecture might be the right choice for you. The main job of an architect is to plan and design buildings and properties as well as to oversee the building of these structures. This can involve working with commercial real estate builders, property owners, community groups, local agencies, etc. Architects are also increasingly expected to factor in the social and environmental implications of structures. Aspiring architects will need to complete a bachelor’s degree program in architecture, while a master’s degree can provide an edge in the job market. Students can choose from among a number of top architecture schools in the US, including Rice University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Cornell University, and Rhode Island School of Design.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for architects is USD 73,090. The employment landscape is predicted to be quite stable and bright, with a rise of 17 percent between 2012 and 2022. Growth will be driven by increasing healthcare facilities and renovation of ageing educational campuses as well as brand new school/university facilities. Staying up to date with technical skills will give architects an edge in a competitive job market. Those who are good at sustainable design will be much in demand with many new buildings requiring green designs.

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The Road To Financial Freedom

The Road To Financial Freedom

Are you interested in women’s health and obstetrics – the medical specialty that deals with pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum care? If so, you may be considering a career as a gynecologist or an ultrasound technician. If you are on the threshold of applying to schools, then the cost of the degree is likely one of the key aspects of your decision. It is certainly important for you to have all the relevant information about your job prospects before making a financial decision. After all, your higher education choices can have lifelong implications in terms of debts, earnings, and savings! Along with your passion and interest, the monetary dimension of your career must be considered.

Let us take a look at the field of gynecology. Gynecologists work primarily with women’s health, including reproductive system issues, breast cancer, and so on. Their role often overlaps with that of an obstetrician, who takes care of the birthing process. In order to become a gynecologist, aspirants must earn a bachelor’s degree to begin with, after which they will need to go to medical school. Once you graduate from medical school, you will need to undergo residency at a working hospital, following which you will sit for the national board exam. Passing this exam will earn you your certification. The process of becoming a full-fledged, practicing gynecologist is, therefore, a long process – approximately 13 years.

Gaining the requisite educational qualifications costs thousands of dollars. For instance, as per data from 2013-14, the average annual tuition and fees at private medical schools added up to USD 52,093 for in-state students and USD 50,476 for out-of-state students, while at public schools, state residents were charged USD 31,783 and non-residents were charged USD 55,294 on average. However, the high salaries of gynecologists may make this high expenditure and long study period worthwhile for many. According to the US Bureau of Labor statistic, the average annual wage of physicians (including gynecologists) is USD 187,200, based on 2012 data. Another source place the median annual salary of those with the designation of ‘Physician – Obstetrics/Gynecology’ at USD 257,266. If you get the right job in the right location, paying off student loans can prove to be a fairly achievable task – provided you spend responsibly and do not default on payments.

Those who choose to become ultrasound technicians, on the other hand, will need to put in less time and money into achieving their goal. The primary responsibility of ultrasound technicians is to maintain and operate ultrasound equipment in order to identify anatomical data and images inside the human body. Ultrasound technicians communicate with patients, examine results, and document procedures. Ultrasound tests are most common in obstetrics but are also utilized in various other medical contexts.

To become an ultrasounds technician, you will need to be trained in ultrasound technology/sonography. You can opt for a one-year-long vocational school program or an associate’s degree program that lasts for two years. Upon completion, depending on the state you want to practice in, you may also need to obtain certification. The median annual salary of an ultrasound technician, as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, is USD 65,860. However, this varies by qualification, experience, industry, and state; for instance, among states, the highest salaries for ultrasound technicians can be found in Oregon and California. Such a salary, if used wisely, can be used to pay off any loans incurred during training quite effectively within a relatively short period of time.

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Online Education A Blessing For Busy Professionals

Online Education A Blessing For Busy Professionals

Do you want a career in the booming healthcare industry but find yourself unable to make time for campus education? If you already have a job, are a single parent, or belong to a military family, then you have probably put your professional dreams on hold because there simply aren’t enough hours in a day or because there are no good schools near you. In such a situation, online education can change your life. Thanks to amazing advances in technology and evolving educational models, it is now possible to get an excellent education sitting right at your own desk – all you need is an internet connection! You can access study materials and lectures online, and turn in assignments through user-friendly, well-designed e-learning systems. This is an amazing option for those who want to pursue a higher education with greater flexibility than traditional degree programs on campus allow. Not only does online education offer students convenience, it is also extremely affordable. Online degrees are also gaining greater credibility in the job market with each passing day! Do keep in mind that some online programs require you to go to a nearby center or campus to gain practical experience or sit for exams.

If you want to join the exciting world of medicine, you can choose from among a number of tech savvy medical professions. Many of these jobs involve a very specific set of skills, which means the required education can be completed in a relatively brief period. For instance, becoming a dialysis technician is a great choice for those who want to be a crucial part of patient care and want to make a positive difference at the most difficult time in a person’s life. A dialysis technician looks after and operates all dialysis equipment and machinery. Duties also include reviewing patient information, administering the treatment, monitoring progress, and documenting the process. Patient interaction is a key component of the job – it can be extremely challenging as you may need to deal with very irate or distressed patients. If you are empathetic and have good communication skills, you can make a significant difference in your patients’ lives!

Becoming a dialysis technician requires aspirants to earn a vocational training program degree in dialysis technician training. Typically, these programs are offered by vocational schools and community colleges. The curriculum includes patient care, dialysis equipment, kidney physiology, renal failure pathology, and chemistry basics. Budding dialysis technicians can take up online training program. Along with online assignments and tests, you will be required to complete a certain number of practical experience hours – either on campus or at a close-by medical facility.

If your interest lies in cardiovascular health, you can consider becoming an electrocardiogram (EKG) technician. An EKG technician’s job is focused on heart health and involves the maintenance and operation of the EKG machine. This includes administering the EKG test, examining the results, interacting with patients, and cardiovascular surgical assistance. EKG technicians can work in hospital radiology, radiology centers, and other healthcare facilities. Aspirants will need to complete either a certificate program or an associate’s degree program. Coursework typically includes anatomy, applied sciences, ethics, and physiology. Those who want to become EKG technicians can also avail of online education options. EKG diploma programs and medical assisting certificate programs with an EKG concentration are available on the internet. Like in the case of dialysis technicians training, this course also requires students to complete a number of clinical hours to gain hands-on experience, after which they are eligible for certification. San Diego State University offers a 350-hour dialysis technician program as well as an EKG technician training program, which prepare students to sit for the relevant certification exam.

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A Gold Dipped Career Option

A Gold Dipped Career Option

Engineering continues to attract some of the best and brightest young minds across the country, thanks to its diverse opportunities and dynamic nature. Within engineering, one of the most lucrative and exciting branches is petroleum engineering, which is a repeat entry in lists that identify the best jobs in the US. If you are looking for a job that offers incredible financial benefits, excellent job satisfaction, and a bright future outlook, then petroleum engineering could be the perfect fit for you!

Petroleum engineers plan and develop ways to extract crude oil and natural gas from the earth. Their responsibilities include evaluating geological data to create appropriate drilling plans, designing equipment and piping systems, optimizing well production through chemical and water injection methods, identifying ways to link numerous reserves, monitoring the building of wells, and so on. They may further specialize within petroleum engineering; for instance, drilling, petroleum production, reservoirs, etc. Petroleum engineers work in offices as well as at extraction sites. The job involves close collaboration with oil rig personnel and geologists.

This field is expected to see amazing growth over the next few years. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 26 percent rise in employment between 2012 to 2022, which is far higher than the average growth rate for all occupations. This growth will be driven mainly by increasing oil prices, which will create more complexity and jobs within the operations of oil companies. Drilling will move into more remote locations and deeper waters to maximize production. Petroleum engineers will also need to come up with innovative ways to extract oil and gas from wells that may previously have been considered dry. Large numbers of engineers are also expected to retire, creating more vacancies within the field. Finally, additional regulations will lead to a demand for more engineers to ensure compliance. Thus, students who opt for petroleum engineering can look ahead to job stability and excellent prospects.

Aspiring petroleum engineers will, at the very least, require a bachelor’s degree in engineering although you may opt to specifically study petroleum engineering since many employers now prefer such a qualification. Once you complete your bachelor’s (or master’s) degree program, you will have to take a preliminary licensing test and then work as an engineer in training for four years. Finally, passing the national board exam will grant you a license and make you a fully qualified engineer.

Students in the US do not need to look outside the country for a stellar engineering education. There are numerous outstanding schools that offer undergraduate and graduate programs in petroleum engineering. Accredited universities are highly recommended, since they come with rigorous academic standard and wide recognition among employers. The best schools for petroleum engineering include the University of Texas at Austin, Pennsylvania State University, Stanford University, University of Houston, University of Tulsa, Colorado School of Mines, and University of Southern California. When considering which schools to apply to, students should weigh a number of key factors: strength of academic program, curriculum focus, reputation, student to faculty ratio, graduation rate, placement rate, tuition and fees, and distance learning option. The right degree from the right school can make all the difference in a petroleum engineer’s career, setting him or her on the path to lifelong success and financial stability.

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