Parallels between guitar types and motor vehicle types

Guitars like motor vehicles are made for different purposes and for different kinds of people. In the same way that we have many types of motor vehicles but all motor vehicles have one common purpose, we also have many kinds of guitars albeit similar purposes.

In motor vehicles, there are great differences in the different types and models. For example we have 18 wheelers and we have small mini models. Both provide transportation services but in very different ways. One is made primarily to transport one or two people while the other is designed to transport tons of luggage. Among these huge transportation vehicles we also have differences such as there are trucks designed to carry fluids such as petroleum old while others carry solid luggage.

Motor vehicles are also made with particular emphasis on features such as speed, comfort, performance, and appearance.

For example, sport cars such as Ferraris are made for speed unlike the common Toyotas that are made for convenience. While the Ferrari may be costly but produce great speed and give the owner some flair; the Toyota does not necessarily stand out, it may not have great speed or performance but it is very affordable, and it is inexpensive to maintain. These are some things that distinguish different car types and models.

When it comes to guitars we also have a similar scenario. There are many different types of guitars although they are all used to produce an almost similar sound.

One of the major differences among guitars is the size. Not all guitars are made with the same size. There are large guitars and much smaller guitars. There are guitars that are small to fit a size that can be played by children of all ages and we have also differenguitar & motor vehiclet guitar sizes for adults. For example, ladies have specially made guitars that are smaller than the normally sized guitar.

There are also some guitars that are made smaller for special reasons such as for travel. The best travel guitars have a smaller design so as to maximize portability. They are also designed with tougher material that can withstand rougher handling.

Some guitars are made with designs that are aimed at maximizing or enhancing the sound quality. These are features that are especially important for expert guitar players. An expert will not buy any guitar but he will only go for a guitar that is finely designed to produce the right kind of pitch and tone for his ear. Many times an untrained ear will not be able to pick out the difference in sound. As it is with motor vehicles, guitars with designs finely tuned for quality sound cost more than the ordinary guitar.

Other guitars may vary in terms of the aesthetic nature of their design. Some expensive guitars are made with enhanced designs on their body work. These design work is usually done by expertly skilled craftsmen that make the guitars stand out.

Guitars just like cars are made by different manufactures and each manufacturer also usually has some prestige or particular attributes that go along with its products such as durability and quality in performance.

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