The Real Cost of Cheap Cloud Storage?

The Real Cost of Cheap Cloud Storage?

Are you on the look for some cheap cloud storage? There are some providers out there that just simply charge WAY too much. If you’re unhappy with your cloud storage provider and want to look at some different options, you should take a look at the cheapest cloud storage providers out there and see if you notice any of the familiar names. Everyone has a different purpose when they shop for providers; some don’t care about functionality and just want a cheap provider while other people don’t mind paying a little more for the extra features.

PC World Knowhow is ranked at the top in terms of price. While they don’t have the most reliable program and software, they are extremely cheap at just $.06 per gigabyte and just $32 for a year of 500GB. There is no other program out there that can compete with those prices. They are also known as being one of the most secure providers out there with their highly touted high grade security.

But what if you want a program with some cool features? Will it really cost you that much more? MyPcBackup is one of the most well-rounded providers out there because of their reasonable cost, but also their features that comes with it as well. When taking a look at the pricing options you might be surprised to find that their 250GB plan is one of their cheapest plans as it is just $.50 more a month than their 75GB plan. Or, if you’re wanting to upgrade to even more space you can get the Unlimited Plan (which isn’t actually unlimited, it is capped at 500GB, but can be raised) which is $6.95 a month. However, if you’re going to need THAT much space then I would recommend going for a different provider as MyPcBackup is more meant for those who need that middle 250GB range of space.

So what cool options come with this provider? How about their remote wipe feature! Not many providers give you the ability to completely wipe out your storage, but it is a handy ability to have in case you want to delete files if there is a security breach. But perhaps the best part of MyPcBackup is their massive amount of support. Whether you have Windows, Mac, Linux, or are on mobile with iOS, Android, Blackberry, or even Kindle Fire, MyPcBackup has your back!

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