Tips on Vacuum Maintenance

3Vacuum cleaners are one of the best tools to have at home. It makes cleaning a lot easier. It helps in getting rid of the debris on different surfaces and also corners. Not only are vacuums used for floors, they’re also used for some furniture and even curtains. Vacuums simply make cleaning a lot easier for homeowners who have to do all the cleaning themselves. You could find many different kinds of vacuum cleaners at in different styles and designs. But, no matter what type of vacuum cleaner you have at home, you still need to do some maintenance on it for it to last long and do its work properly. Take a look at the tips below to keep your vacuum functioning for years.


1. Replace Bag Regularly


Some models of vacuums have bags that catch the dirt that which gets sucked in. You do not have to wait for the bag to be full before doing so. In fact, it is better to replace the bag when it’s only a bit more than half full. This would ensure that the dirt won’t go back out. You also need to make sure that you attach the bag properly. – If you have a bagless model, you would need to empty the dirt catcher as soon as you finish using the vacuum. When putting back the canister, be sure that it is properly attached, too.


2. Clean the Brush


Some debris, like hairs, can get stuck around the brush roll. You could detach the brush roll from the vacuum to make it easier for you to clean it. However, you could also remove the debris even if the brush is attached. If you are not sure on how to return it, it is best to keep it on. Also remove dirt that has accumulated in and around the housing of the brush roll. You would need to check the belt for wearing and replace it with new ones.


3. Check and Clean Filters


Filters need to be cleaned as often as you replace or empty the vacuum bag and canister. You could wash off the dirt if the filter is made of plastic or foam. If the filter is made of paper or any fabric, you would only need to shake off the debris.


4. Check and Clean Hoses


Debris could also accumulate inside the hose and could cause clogging. If the hose gets clogged, it won’t be able to suck in dirt. You could use a long rod or wire to remove the dirt from inside. Just be careful in doing so to avoid damaging the hose or pushing the dirt and packing it tightly at the end.


5. Store Vacuum Properly


One of the most common mistakes when using a vacuum is that they just leave it in the closet without packing it well first. Make sure that all the plugs, cables, hose, and other parts are not just left on the floor. You would need to wind them and put them in a place where they won’t get stepped on or damaged. Since there are a lot of different types of vacuum cleaners coming out these days, you would need to read the manual thoroughly so you could give it the best care.

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