Trained To Look Deeper And Further!

Pediatric_polysomnogramDo you have a knack for using state-of-the-art technology? If so you might be interested in a career in the medical field. Not all the occupations in the medical field have to deal with sticking needles in patients, or performing high-stakes surgeries. EKG technicians, otherwise known as electrocardiogram techs, using high-tech electrocardiograms to monitor the heart rates and blood pressure,  of patients and document important information. A lot of the daily jobs of an EKG tech is done operating this state-of-the-art technology and using it on patients. A great deal of knowledge about software and the given hardware is a must for this line of work, but also good communication so you can communicate with the patients.

If being an EKG tech interests you, then you might want to know a little more about how you can become an EKG tech. The actual field of being an EKG tech is greatly increasing because of how popular heart disease is becoming. This is a fortunate, yet unfortunate, aspect of the job. This is why the field is expected to grow at least 24% in the next decade. A lot of your patients will be those with heart conditions or at least potential heart conditions. Perhaps the best thing about being an EKG tech is the fact that little additional education is required. In fact, most of those who make it to EKG only have a 4-year degree. This is big because, as you may know, a lot of job in the medical field require additional years of college experience. However, the biggest emphasis is on-the-job training which can last up to two years. Once you complete your training you might be required to become licensed. This is all dependent on where you live. As an EKG tech you can expect to make about $50,000 a year.

However, being an EKG tech isn’t the only occupation that includes the use of high-tech equipment. Similar to EKG technology, X-ray technology does a lot of the same things but rather than looking at the heart and monitoring various aspects of the cardiovascular system, X-ray techs look at bones, joints, and tendons. Having a good understanding of the human skeletal system is a must in this field, as well as the knowledge of x-ray technology. As an X-ray tech you make about the same as an EKG tech, but there are more factors involved. For instance, if you also become skilled in mammography, or the use of MRI and/or CT scanning technology, you can make a little bit more. Generally, I’d say you can expect to make, on average, about $60,000 a year as an X-ray tech.

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