What Cities Have The Best Music

What Cities Have The Best Music

If you ask the question about which city has the best music the answer is going to depend entirely on where you are in the country. Of course, everyone thinks their city is the best for (fill in the blank) kind of music.

For the rock scene, San Francisco has always been a great town. Rockers from the city by the bay include Jefferson Starship (formerly Jefferson Airplane) and the iconic Grateful Dead. The city of Boston has turned out such rock bands as Aerosmith, Godsmack, and of course Boston. The city of Los Angeles has been home to many bands throughout the years including Audioslave, The Black Eyed Peas, Jane’s Addiction, and Metallica.

Today a city such as Ft. Worth, Texas which is home to Billy Bob’s, the largest honky tonk joint in the world is attracting new talent. Ft. Worth is a beautiful city that ranks high on the walk-ability scale, and is only about 40 miles from Denton, TX which is home to 35 Denton a 4-day music festival. Another Texas city that is becoming well known for their eclectic music scene is Austin. From the Carnaval Brasileiro with a Brazilian atmosphere to the Austin City Limits Music Festival in October featuring country, rock, folk, and indie music you’re sure to find music to fit your particular vibe.

Chicago, Illinois is another city that has a hopping music scene. One of the great things about this city is the diversity of music; there’s everything from classical, jazz, country, rock, and of course the blues. The downtown area is not very large but has wall-to-wall clubs, concert venues, the opera house, the symphony and several park areas where concerts are held. Add to that the theatre district, museums, the many great restaurants, Michigan Avenue for shopping and you’ve got one great destination city.

For lovers of indie music Asheville, North Carolina should be on your list. A lovely city located among the trees and hills of North Carolina, Asheville is known for their eclectic music as well as their friendly people. There are drum circles held downtown every Friday night, outdoor concerts sponsored by the Biltmore House, and a celebration of Appalachian mountain culture with their Shindig on the Green. There’s plenty of shopping, restaurants and guided tours to please the tourist in everyone.

If you are someone who loves music but is not necessarily interested in becoming a musician or a singer there are still career choices available that can incorporate a love of music. By obtaining a degree in music one could chose to help others by becoming a music therapist. If you love to write becoming a songwriter could be of interest. If you are into computers there are careers available in the music industry such as a sound engineer or a music sequencer. If an individual finds management to their liking becoming a musicians personal manager could be possible, as could becoming a music publisher, a booking agent, or an advertising executive.

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